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This Verzuz event was a MESS but I gotta give it to Mario. He smoked my guy Maybach O!.

Maybach O brought out Tommy The Clown, Tank, watermelon, Jeremih, his closet, pop lockers and sage to #VERZUZ!!! Everything but the hits 🫠😂.

I commend Mario for going against Omarion, maybach O, ovo, b2k, you got served, Tank, jerimih, and the produce department ….it shouldn’t have been this close #verzuz.

#Verzuz Omarion calling himself Maybach O is giving me the same vibes as LL Cool J calling himself Big Elly Literally no one has called your ass that ever🤣🤣😂😂.

Omarion brought out watermelon, Jeremih, Maybach O, Tank…the universoul circus…but no vocals??? #Verzuz.

Ight let’s take a poll , who ever called Omarion “Maybach O” 😂😂 #Verzuz #VerzuzTV.


I’d like to apologize for doubting Mario. He channeled Jadakiss and got maybach O all the way outta here.

Niggas can’t let Maybach O mess up Bria’s Interlude dawg…just let my nigga play the track..

I’m in the bed right now 😭. Fantasizing about Maybach O tuhhh!.


This #VerzuzTV is definitely going to increase Mario’s streams….can’t say the same for Maybach O. #OmarionVsMario.

@grind_stat3 Omarion needs to give up lol nobody never called him maybach O && he not from Inglewood 😂.

Omarion must’ve been reading that chat during Mario turn and saw us flaming Maybach O… because FINALLY!.

Nah that’s tuff Mario really doing Maybach O like how did Dipset 😭#VerzuzTV.

This nigga dun change clothes and brung out watermelons….Mario ain’t even got to sing Maybach O already loss.

I’m sick maybach O ruining these fire ass records with his antics ☄️🍅☄️🍅☄️🍅☄️🍅☄️.

It ain’t nothing Omarion can do not B2K not maybach O nothing bc Mario up there singing his ass off chile 😂.

Let’s be clear for a second tho… Maybach O may have played 2 of his biggest bangers but he still got junk tucked away..

Mario please stop playing these games with Maybach O and have him gone and log out #VerzuzTV.


@BriMalandro He has good songs of his own he hasn’t touched no clue why he trying to do that maybach o stuff.


Mario said “you cut ya mic off?” And the shit went off line lmaoooo he was cookin Maybach O 😂 #Verzuz.

Omarion put my dawg Jeremih in a situation he never needed to be in and I’ll never forgive Maybach O for that….

@TyTheOneJOSE He not even singing his hits n he sound horrible idk wtf u watching 😂 dnt nobody kno Maybach O 😂.

#CaliNiggas strike again man. They just the fucking worst. Get Maybach O off da stage.

Maybach O gone have a hell of a second half. Especially since music for love been played already..

When he called himself “Maybach O” tonight he was referring to when he was signed to Rick Ross MMG.

When Mario said Virgo energy I knew it was over for Maybach O. I’m a Virgo and I can’t even lie to you, when it’s time to go at you that’s exactly how we act 😂. I don’t give a damn I’m showing no mercy whether you’re 7 or 70. Don’t challenge me to something I know.

Maybach O being different is nothing new. He pop and locked before giving me a dap one time at the club..

Omarion about to rebrand and change his name again like he tried with Maybach O 😂 ! He played himself WILD on this Verzuz.

Jeremih almost died from COVID so I can forgive his voice but Maybach O was struggling out there all night lol.

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