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Frank Luntz & Kevin McCarthy. Not only are they friends. They are roommates.

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Chicoaco 🇻🇪
Chicoaco 🇻🇪 ()

Esta es la joyita que está reunido con Maduro. Steven Seagal tiene acusaciones de asalto sexual contra las actrices Portia de Rossi, Julianna Margulies y Jenny McCarthy.

McCarthy Photo,McCarthy Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
SueLake ()

@GOPLeader Ken Mccarthy supports tRump Big Lie and the Failed Attempted Coup on January 6 2021. First one to run to tRump Hiding in Mara Lago. TREASON!

PapaESoCo ()

As McCarthy moves to boot Cheney, a favorite successor emerges via @politico Rethugnicans are such Shameless Ideologues, complete with a massive wave of head-up-ass syndrome!

Anxious Pickle
Anxious Pickle ()

@MollyJongFast Thank you, because 🤷🏻‍♀️ I could not stop laughing at Roslyn Carter as Charley McCarthy.

Adrienneelrod ()

This continues to be a horrible, horrible look for @GOPLeader and his GOP. A party that already has significant problems with female voters.

Mr. Personality
Mr. Personality ()

@DeadlineWH The #Republicans are spineless sycophants when it comes to Donald Trump! Kevin McCarthy is a political prostitute his price Trump backing him for Speaker Of The House! The majority of their party wants Trump to be their forever President! #Ridiculous

Chuck Yorke
Chuck Yorke ()

@votevets @GOPLeader The movement in this country that has elected people like Kevin McCarthy has got to stop!

Melissa ()

Mr you are everything we were taught not to do or be in the hell is wrong with you

Gma ()

@CNNnewsroom You don’t know what Kevin McCarthy knows! Stop thinking you can read minds.

Charles Campisi
Charles Campisi ()

The Republican Party at the behest of Donald Trump & thru his sycophantic surrogates Kevin McCarthy & Mitch McConnell is actively engaged in the destruction of American democracy & the end of the rule of law.

Jennifer ()

@Liz_Cheney Hello Liz. I think what Kev Mccarthy is trying to tell you is you need to subscribe to the big lie like the rest of the GQP buffoons. Have I summed this up correctly Kev @GOPLeader ?

Kool Kenn
Kool Kenn ()

If anyone knows how to get in direct contact with Kevin McCarthy Please tell him for me but I have a huge spine I’ll make him a deal on one. It’s old and worn out but at least it’s better than the one he has now. Oops my he doesn’t have a damn spine!!! Must be miserable

Just Kat
Just Kat ()

Kevin McCarthy allies say Republicans are fed up with Liz Cheney and will oust👏👏her from leadership by end of the month - TheBlaze

danielle k hamilton
Danielle k hamilton ()

LETS JUST be has less balls than any women in even the ones i dont like @GOPLeader

Robert Franek
Robert Franek ()

“According to Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney is the problem bc she lives in reality + is fighting back against the Big Lie that the election was stolen from Trump. If Republicans lose in 2022, it will be bc Cheney didn’t join the cult but tried to fight for reality + democracy.”

KeepItBlueDems ()

@mkraju @BonniBK It’s time we finally say it: Kevin McCarthy is a traitor.

DJ ()

He is 100% the reason the house flipped in 2018. And then he decided to pout and help cost R’s the senate in 2020. The base should be furious with him. But they’re not. They’re mad at Liz Cheney, Ronna, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Frank Luntz, Ducey, Kemp, etc

🏴‍☠️Gods most Beautiful angel 🦅
🏴‍☠️Gods most Beautiful angel 🦅 ()

McCarthy, GOP Reps speak to press after visiting businesses impacted by ... via @YouTube


@BrunoAmato_1 Should we ask McCarthy and the Insurrection 162 to close their eyes and imagine to Jan 6th rioters were Would they be asking for healing and to move on from assaulting Police Officers with BLM flags???

Ally to & spouse of AAPI people
Ally to & spouse of AAPI people ()

@MichaelSteele, the dog barking in the background as you were being interviewed on @mitchellreports this morning while they played muted video of McCarthy speaking had me rolling on the floor. Just FYI. 🤣🤣🤣

Diane Slonim
Diane Slonim ()

McCarthy is the one who needs to be removed! He is one of the biggest morons in service.

leroy atlas
Leroy atlas ()

McCarthy is such a fool , McCarthy says Cheney is not carrying out his message of kiss trumps ass no matter how stupid it is .

Jake ()

@GOPLeader McCarthy you need to resign. You are a coward and I hope you lose your seat. What are you gonna do when Trump decides You’re of no use to him anymore? You are a coward

Rick Levine
Rick Levine ()

@ProjectLincoln Kevin McCarthy is a friggin idiot. Vote out Kevin McCarthy #KevinMcCarthyHasNoBrain

This Is America-Right Matters #Resistance2020
This Is America-Right Matters #Resistance2020 ()

Cheney slams Trump’s attempt to brand 2020 election ‘the Big Lie,’ sparking new calls for her to leave GOP leaders…

LPK ()

@atrupar Kevin McCarthy is a spineless, ass kissing Trump tool. He needs to be removed.

HankieB ()

Liz Cheney got huge balls…more balls than those old AZZED white haired Re-Dumblicans! Least not McCarthy and his high water pants looking to avoid a flood.

Briscoeny ()

@GOPLeader #CreepyTucker Supports every action Trump made including separating Families & McCarthy cares more about what his boss told him about continuing the big lie than Children at border. #ThankYouJoe

John Thomas
John Thomas ()

@PatrickNova6 @GOPLeader McCarthy needs to stop being Trump’s caddy and show he has some leadership skills. If he continues on his present course, he will further splinter the party and it will no longer exist.

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson ()

Frank Luntz & Kevin McCarthy. Not only are they friends. They are roommates.

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