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If you’re donating money to Amy McGrath because you want to beat Mitch McConnell look at these poll numbers and consider spending on defeating Lindsey Graham instead.

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Sevilla have expressed an interest for Nicholas Otamendi and Man City are also interested in their french centre back Jules Kounde so we could see a potential swap deal + cash. [Mike McGrath 🥉]

Kim Marshall
Kim Marshall ()

C’mon Kentucky!! Mitch doesn’t have your best interests at heart! Right now he’s leading 53%-41% but YOU GUYS got to get him out by voting in Amy McGrath!! There’s still time! #MoscowMitchMcConnell needs to go!!

maya is lotzintranslation
Maya is lotzintranslation ()

It is, surprisingly, a pic of Katie

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Stefan Resists
Stefan Resists ()

@mmpadellan Shockingly I saw Mitch McConnell vs Amy McGrath senate polls in which #MoscowMitch had a clear lead. What is going on in Kentucky? Wake up people. Times have changed & McConnell is a corrupt relic. Amy is fantastic. All Dem voters mobilize! Your vote counts! #VoteOutCorruptGOP

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🚨BREAKING: Barcelona sedang berusaha memenangkan perebutan bek kanan Ajax asal USA, Sergiño Dest (19). Bayern Munchen dan Man City juga tertarik dengan jasanya. 📝 Mike McGrath (Telegraph) Follow instagram kami:

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Gregg Levine
Gregg Levine ()

@ChrisInParis Oh and: “A lot of what has stood in the way of what Donald Trump promised is Senator McConnell.” That was McGrath launching her Senate campaign last year. How could Schumer not fall in love?

Lexi ()

if you have ever donated to amy mcgrath DM I just wanna understand the space you were in at the time

Jeras Ikehorn
Jeras Ikehorn ()

What the fuck is wrong with you , Kentucky? McConnell vs. needs to put some real money behind that race, also. #VoteBlue

Dawn Baggett
Dawn Baggett ()

@WajahatAli @harrisonjaime Senator Harris needs to hold a news conference or rally with McGrath. McGrath needs a heavy hitter to raise a bit of commotion.

Susan Soltis
Susan Soltis ()

C,mon, Kentucky! What has McConnell ever done for you? Why would you vote for him? You can do SO MUCH BETTER!!! Vote for Amy McGrath!!!


@AJentleson @Booker4KY Silver lining on McGrath? McConnell was always unlikely to lose (to anybody) this cycle, and after losing McGrath will be unlikely to win a primary against organized opposition ever again.


McGrath can beat McConnell if she energizes the voters. Thousand did not vote in 2016.


@santa_mcgrath Quando vou reassistir a 5ta, são sempre 1, 3, 7, 8, 13, 18 e 19. E só vejo a parte supercorp, Pq meus olhos não merecem ver o 😅 Tu tbm prefere esses?

Who_doge ()

@adamcbest Well, defeating Mitch is very important because we need to get rid of the senate majority leader. I can see why you say that. If democrats want to take the senate, we need to take down Mitch first, then Graham. Donate to both McGrath and Harrison.

Carol RN - Parler - @pasqueflower19 👩‍⚕️🌸🌺🇺🇸
Carol RN - Parler - @pasqueflower19 👩‍⚕️🌸🌺🇺🇸 ()

D’OH! Latest Quinnipiac poll on Mitch McConnell vs. Amy McGrath in Kentucky will be a HUGE buzzkill for Dems via @twitchyteam

Eye See You: OPINIONS ()

McGrath @AmyMcGrathKY [email protected] PLEASE help #DitchMitch .... he NEEDS to GO!

Just Me
Just Me ()

D’OH! Latest Quinnipiac poll on Mitch McConnell vs. Amy McGrath in Kentucky will be a HUGE buzzkill for Dems via @twitchyteam

Richmond Register
Richmond Register ()

Democrat Amy McGrath tried to turn Mitch McConnell’s Senate seniority into a liability Wednesday, accusing the Republican leader of helping to create an “inept mess” as Congress struggles to break an impasse on more coronavirus aid.

Thomas ()

while the right is celebrating how much money McGrath has spent nobody tell them to look at Texas, other battle grounds or generally Trumps misspent campaign It’s kinda cute when they’ve got themselves a victory #McGrath

Lenore D
Lenore D ()

We have to help Amy McGrath beat Moscow Mitch. I’m gonna donate. Can we all chip in $5. Nobody wants him around!

Douglas McNeil
Douglas McNeil ()

First time attending a game with no fans. Incredible to sit and listen to the instructions from both dugouts & hearing the players organise each other. Pretty disciplined performance from St Mirren. McGrath excellent. Erwin a handful. Promising signs.

Elizabeth Parsons
Elizabeth Parsons ()

@YNB Oh absolutely vote out the Turtle! Those numbers would be WAY different if the candidate had been either Booker or Jones. Amy McGrath still gets vote because 100% #DitchMitch

Droo ()

Sorry, folks! I’ve been screaming for months McGrath is not meaningfully connected to KY in a way that makes her electable. Flip the senate by voting Dem in your own states. McGrath is not getting Kentucky because she doesn’t get Kentucky. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #KYPolitics

Nall ()

@flawedgenius777 @Fishbones2017 Because general elections are won or lost by independents, and in KY, primaries are closed. So we have no idea who most of KY preferred between Booker and McGrath

Janet Individual 1
Janet Individual 1"Trump is the #1 domestic enemy" ()

@david_darmofal True! If McConnell does win, then we have to castrate him make damn sure we take the senate and rip that majority leader position from him. #McGrath #FlipTheSenate

Tiberius James 🌹🍞🌻
Tiberius James 🌹🍞🌻 ()

@inezonahorse @Fishbones2017 Gonna go out on a limb and assume you dont know a lot of Kentuckians because this is very wrong. McConnell is super unpopular here, just less so than McGrath.

Auntie Mame
Auntie Mame ()

I am sending donations, every week now, to Gideon, McGrath and Harrison. Every $1 helps! Maine Gideon (D) 54% Collins (R) 42% Kentucky McConnell (R) 53% McGrath (D) 41% SC Harrison (D) 48% Graham (R) 48%

McClatchyDC ()

Poll shows Mitch McConnell up double digits on Amy McGrath in Senate race

quarantine alfredo
Quarantine alfredo ()

donor contributions: $46,921,518 colonel (ʳᵉᵗ) plaques for the podium: $1000 progressive policies: $0 amy mcgrath: someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this my campaign is dying

Adam Best
Adam Best ()

If you’re donating money to Amy McGrath because you want to beat Mitch McConnell look at these poll numbers and consider spending on defeating Lindsey Graham instead.

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