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@SukiGeez @Meka_Lullaby Your whole sorority is “known” for being “aggressive bullies”...Pleaseeee choose another hill delta woman

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Sharon ()

Meka just soooo out of his league. That she appears to keep her options open with him is a crazy plot twist. Or she has no idea of her value.

MEKA【ガラスを買いに~】 ()

【子どもの手形足形】小皿 直径12cm ガラスのお花をいーっぱい散りばめて お子様の成長記録として記念にいかがでしょう?(*´ω`*)ホノボノ

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Alizé Graves ()

@Meka_Lullaby 😂 Somewhere where people respect their letters, their Founders, and are made right 🤗

Meka-aoo ()

@achinpark @Nuywacharee ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าบ้านหวานใจนะคะ🤟🤟

Whitney ()

I can’t hear Meka scream and talk so rapid in one breath anymore #marriedatfirstsight #mafs

Meka VandrΩss 🐶💉⚡️ ()

Ma’am where tf did you come from with your unsolicited

Tara ()

Meka and micheal finally have a positive day and are on a good note going to bed and I’m expecting them to smile at each other or cuddle or show any ounce of emotion, but no none of that and they’re as far on the opposite side of the bed they can be🥴 #MarriedAtFirstSight

Kennedy✨ ()

@SukiGeez @Meka_Lullaby Your whole sorority is “known” for being “aggressive bullies”...Pleaseeee choose another hill delta woman

Justice rivera ()

as much as i dislike meka, i do believe she is doing her best and trying to make it work. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

めかぶ ()

私は63%グリフィンドール、29%レイブンクロー、46%ハッフルパフ、42%スリザリンです。 @idr_labsより

RealityTV.smut ()

Meka needs to be told it’s to leave this marriage and that she gave it her #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

Nesternow ()

Oh my gosh. Katie, what have you done for Derek. Meka, run. You are wasting your time. #marriedatfirstsight

めかぶ ()

#北海道に飛ばされるボタン 函館!また行きたい \(^o^)/

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MEKA【ガラスを買いに~】 ()

うふぉあ! 「バルス」しまくり!?(>_<)地球が滅びますな・・・

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Kesh ()

Meka’s facial expression when Michael said he put in his two weeks notice . #MarriedAtFirstSight

Davidwilliamsthemyth ()

Michael said he was looking for compassion from Meka when his Uncle died. this look like the face of compassion?! 🤣🤣🤣 #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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Teri Shannon ()

@jamienotis I share your thoughts. I find Michael, Brandon, Katie, Zach to be disturbing. Meka, Taylor, Derek, and Mindy should fast. #MAFS

Jill M ()

@SDRod I want to go tell Meka I’m proud of her and give her a hug! She’s sure tried harder than I would have. he needs walk away, no future with someone so selfish!

V ()

I don’t think any of the #mafs will make it. Meka/Michael and Brandon/Taylor already filed for annulments. Katie doesn’t deserve Derek and I hope he says no. Jessica is trying to control Austin. Run away Austin. Mindy/Zach, just NO!

Tee ()

#lifetimeMAFS I was wrong about Meka- Meka darlin- you are a good lady. Run from Michael

Nikki ()

#MarriedAtFirstSight I don’t see any real emotion or tears when Micheal talks about this “death” in the family. I’d be checking 2 see if it’s true. He faked having a job & went as far as forging a fake contract 4 one. He’s Diabolical. But using that to emotionally mess w/ Meka 🙄

Nikki ()

#MarriedAtFirstSight Micheal turns around on Meka using a family death. To make her feel blame for the marriage not working.🙄He forged a paper stating he had a job he did not have! He hasn’t been there 4 the marriage & I don’t see any tears when he talks about the death

🌈 Leia Sopicki 🍻🕸 ()

Okay can anyone find a screen shot of Michael actually looking at Meka when they are talking? It’s drives me insane! Look at your wife! #mafs

IfeOluremi ()

Meka, he had 3 jobs in less than 2 months, what do you think will happen in one year? There’s going to be a time when #MAFS won’t be paying for trips, rent or dinner!

J. Seaberry ()

Did you just say a C well I think Meka would give you a D- or F more like it Michael #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

Da Vinci - #TrynaSurvive2020 ()

Meka’s mother is camera ready lol. She looks like she could be her friend though #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

タクト(VRchat) ()

@meka_nyanko_v めかにゃんこさん お互い後半日のりきりましょ(* >ω<)

Anita L. Smith ()

#MAFS I blame the experts. They have to REALLY weed out. Derek, Meka, Austin, Jessica and Mindy are the ONLY ones who are sane enough for this process.

神龍シェンロン ()

@katikatich @meka_misyako カチカチさん😊これですか?

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Miso ()

@Sam1_2025 اي شيء ممكن يهزهم ويغضبهم، محد روّج لهند غيرهم بداية بالهشتاقات اللي للآن يطلقوها.

☚ Fusion Reborn #countdowntoconcern ☛
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