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The #Dbacks made the following roster moves: •Reinstated RHP Mark Melancon and INF Josh Rojas from the injured list •Designated INF Sergio Alcántara for assignment •Optioned RHP Corbin Martin to Triple-A Reno yesterday.

Mark Melancon is now 0-5 through just 34 team games. In 2021, only one #Dbacks pitcher had 5 losses in relief ALL season (Alex Young)..

@Dbacks DFA Melancon and Wendelken, even Brett Phillips didn’t allow this many runs.

The Diamondbacks lost, 4-2. Mark Melancon had another rough one. Zac Gallen threw well again. The offense brought the tying run to the plate in the ninth but couldn’t get the big hit. The Diamondbacks are 18-16..

Bullpen trust scale Mantiply Nelson - Smith - Noé - - Middleton Wendelken Melancon Kennedy.

@Dbacks How does Melancon still have a job? Went from 3-3 in the 9th to losing 11-3, come on!.

@GoldyHappens I think Melancon should still be the closer, he SHOULD NOT be pitching in non-save situations tho.

Melancon Photo,Melancon Photo by VenomStrikes,VenomStrikes on twitter tweets Melancon Photo

@Dbacks Why didn’t you at least try Joe Mantiply, Caleb Smith, or Ian Kennedy for the 9th, give Melancon a break🤦‍♂️.

2017: Fernando Rodney 2018: Brad Boxberger 2019: Greg Holland 2020: Archie Bradley 2021: Tyler Clippard/Joakim Soria 2022: Mark Melancon This is borderline insanity.

@StromsLab Wendelkon, Melancon and Kennedys battle for the bottom spot is one of the best battles I’ve ever seen.

@Dbacks Melancon is WASHED. Cut your losses before this guy costs the team more losses..

The D-Backs have lost three times in the last 13 days. All three losses have been charged to Melancon..

Cubs Win! Cubs (4) D-backs (2) WP: Mychal Givens LP: Mark Melancon Venue: Chase Field Attendance: 25169 Date: 2022-05-14 #FlyTheWBot.

Melancon Photo,Melancon Photo by flythewbot,flythewbot on twitter tweets Melancon Photo

Ian Kennedy, Wendelken, and Mark Melancon have combined to strike out 17 hitters out 156 batters faced this year, for a K%.

Diamondbacks really just gave up 8 runs in the top of the 9th in what was a tied game; normal people get fired for performances like that but Mark Melancon and JB Wendelken will go to sleep tonight with no worry; pro players should be held more accountable for poor performance.

@Dbacks I could literally copy and paste my Melancon gripes since I seem to post them daily. We should have 5 more wins and be in first place! I would say send him to minors but that would be a disservice to the Reno Aces. 😡.

@Dbacks Yan Gome own you and Wick>>>>>>>Melancon.

@PHNX_Dbacks Leaving runners on is a problem but Melancon having a bigger breakdown than me when I forget something really important is worse..

@dbaxfax If I don’t read that Melancon was DFA’d (along with Caleb Smith) tomorrow then we riot.

@CollinHarmonTV The @Dbacks lose 2-4. Mark Melancon blows the game in the 9th. Fans are not happy. 18-16 on the year. #Rattled.

FINAL: Cubs 4, Diamondbacks 2 W: Mychal Givens L: Mark Melancon #ItsDifferentHere | #Dbacks @Cubs | @Dbacks.

Melancon Photo,Melancon Photo by MLB Scorecards,MLB Scorecards on twitter tweets Melancon Photo

I’m not even mad that Melancon blew up my fantasy team’s ERA for the week. Feels so good to have our Fish back in the win column..


4 loses on Mark Melancon now. Dbacks closers have been the worst, the past couple of years. Snakes need better closers..

@Dbacks Melancon cannot throw strikes! He has no velocity and now he’s scared to throw strikes because his confidence is down. He’s not even a set up reliever at this point. Stop putting him in!.

FINAL: Marlins 11, Diamondbacks 3 W: Anthony Bass L: Mark Melancon #MakeItMiami | #Dbacks @Marlins | @Dbacks.

Melancon Photo,Melancon Photo by MLB Scorecards,MLB Scorecards on twitter tweets Melancon Photo

@Dbacks This team has been the surprise of MLB through 30 games. For that positive momentum to continue, Melancon needs to be removed as closer ASAP..

@HC_PARDUE Mark Melancon had a bigger meltdown than me when I place number 2 in a game of fortnite.

@GoldyHappens Weird Q tho since Melancon is still 7/8 in saves and done just fine, should have an option for Melancon.

Mike, we need to talk about why you are paying this Melancon guy the amount you are. #dbacks.

Melancon finally had a big blowout in this game (while I was watching the credits of the Dr. Strange movie). Looks like the last two innings of the game has now become a coin flip although I think at some point Torey has to shuffle the bullpen..

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