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Comparing Jackie O to Melania T is like comparing a good mother to Casey Anthony..

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@JonBrouQ22 I agree. Slut shaming is pathetic and weak. I’m not defending Melania, but there are a million better ways to criticize her that don’t inadvertently take a giant shit on women.

@RealMuckmaker @politicususa Melania deepthroat ... he should be embarrassed to use Jackie O and melanomas name in the same sentence ... Jackie had way too much class ... I am sorry but melanomas past isn’t the.

2 of 2 Shocked at her response, the undertaker repeats the offer and again, Melania says ship him home. Confused, the undertaker says, “Ma’am, may I ask why?” Melania says, “A long time ago a man died here, three days later he rose from the dead. I just can’t take that chance.”.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don’t think so. Everything about Jackie O was real. Including her chest. She was a classy lady. Intelligent and accomplished Melania so much..

To steal Democrat Lloyd Benson’s famous Jack Kennedy Quote to Republican Dan Quayle: Melania T., you are no Jackie O..

@rjoseph7777 Absolutely hilarious. Melania T is a complete embarrassment to the USA. IMHO.

@wvjoe911 @politicususa Trump just can’t stop plagiarizing from others just to stroke his ego. Comparing Melania to Jacqueline Kennedy is insulting to Jackie’s legacy..

Trump Gloats About The First Lady: ‘We Have Our Own Jackie O Today … Melania T’ via @dailycaller.

The full quote on Melania from her husband, on Fox & Friends: ...but we have our own Jackie O. today. It’s called. Melania – Melania. We’ll call it Melania T. OK. Thank you..

With all respect, Mr. President there can never be another Jackie O. Consider yourself lucky to have a beautiful women and leave it at that. Trump says Melania T is the new Jackie O - POLITICO.

Don’t usually but @LizRNC made it irresistible Would that be Melania T as in Twat?.

Trump compared Melania to Jackie O and I learned something new. Apparently, Jackie O was a gold-digging prostitute who often modeled topless..

@politico Jackie O was pure class. Incomparable. Melania T will never, ever be a thing..

Trump says ‘Melania T’ is the new Jackie O.

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@tonyposnanski Jackie O vs. Melania T, Inauguration Day:.

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It’s pathetic that Trump is trying to ‘brand’ his wife ‘Melania T’ as the “new Jackie O” Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wasn’t just a style icon— she was responsible for the historical restoration of the White House She made WH events celebrations of American🇺🇸 art, music + culture.

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Comparing Jackie O to Melania T is like comparing a good mother to Casey Anthony..

@PeterAlexander It is a bot named Melania the theydef put for events. The real person won’t go anywhere near that std infected trump.

@politico Melania T, for whom his adulation is so profound that he sought out Stormy D. What a goddam lying fraud Trump is..

@AshleyRParker The funny thing is people in the future will be comparing trashy women to Melania you’re a slutty gold diggin trash bag with no morals,people will say “Don’t be such a Melania T”.The word “Trump” in the future will also be synonymous with moron. What are you a Trump? #future.

@adamcbest Ohhh, careful. Melania *did* visit the children her spouse puts in cages. Remember? She was wearing the jacket that said “I don’t care do you?” So yeah, she’s DEFINITELY NO Jackie O. Kennedy family must be vomiting after hearing DT’s idiotic claim.🤮.

No, Melania doesn’t need to be the next Jackie O. No, she doesn’t need to be called Melania T. “Melania” is all she needs. It’s unique, just like her. She stands apart. And it says it all. Melania. She’s a star..

President Trump made staffing announcements, dubbed his wife Melania T and talked press secretary options in a birthday interview with Fox & Friends..

President Trump likened his wife to the beloved former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, saying, “We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T”.

Trump dubs Melania the new Jackie O - Melania T - during bday interview on Fox & Friends.

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