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What a great mentor for John Metchie when he comes back. Love this fit for Houston..


hope he’s good and if he is. im really excited to watch John Metchie play football this year. his battle with cancer made people quickly forget that he is an incredible football talent and will help the texans out in a big way..

@CumminsChanning I don’t trust Woods to be that guy though. I can see the Texans grabbing a QB at 2 and then the best WR at 12. Metchie and whoever that #12 pick are can grow with their new QB for a long time..

@RyanKennedy_22 I vote R. Woods, for now. Metchie will get there and N. Collins is not him. Veteran will step up and be THAT GUY. IMO, of course 😀.

@elitetakes_ All moves make sense. Texans WR room isn’t as bad as I first thought, AsLong as metchie is hopefully healthy and ready week 1. Still need some weapons for Bryce / cj.

@THEOhioTitan @MikeHerndonNFL You know Metchie hasn’t played an NFL snap and has cancer right?.

@BigItaly42 @AdamSchefter Metchie, Collins, and Woods is a decent Trio they could always add a piece or 2 now that Cooks is gone.

@GearpunkD @NFLNotify Collins isn’t bad and metchie can be good we haven’t seen him yet.

@BigItaly42 @AdamSchefter People sleep on Metchie. But I can guarantee they’ll be drafting a WR this year, it’s a deeep class.

People talking mad shit about this core kinda funny lol Woods & Cooks have a similar production profile since 2019 (below) & 2nd rounder Metchie will be added into the mix this year 1 more decent player & it’s a fairly decent situation - like Schultz or Thielen.

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