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Mike Dean is set to take charge of his 500th Premier League today 👏 Just sit back and enjoy some peak Dean 🤣.

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Premier league icon, little does Gary know that Mike Dean’s daughter is in fact a cum slut.

A few hours, time to calm down, Nope. Still pissed off. Mike Dean can shove it..

Ow but like Mike Dean they chop reff for Africa then South America like he die long time.

Mike dean gave son a penalty when he dived against arsenal when beat them 4-2 but Pepe was fouled and he ignored it.

@chayser34 Mike Gleason on the Sometimes would get Tom The Willie Dean days at Purdue.

Q: How has Mike Dean been allowed to officiate 500 @premierleague matches? A:.

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I’ll reiterate again, all I’m asking for is consistency. Today Mike Dean should have gone to the screen on the side of the pitch, saw the contact on Pepe and given a penalty. We’ve lost 11 points this season because of refereeing mistakes. Something needs to change. #afc.

Hj até q o Mike Dean foi bem, achei q íamos ver vários cartões e pênaltis não existentes hj. Ele tava feliz pela plaquinha de 500 jogos na Premier..

Forgot how fucking good that interaction between Wenger and Mike Dean was. Mike Dean is a snivelling little grass..

@JudeMac3 I met Mike Dean last year at a Q&A, should have chinned the clown while I had the chance. He really hates us! VAR is royally screwing us this season.

Staggering statistic of referee Mike Dean’s penalty stats. 😳 no wonder Pépé didn’t get a penalty today for 😳.

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Mike Dean is the worst English referees along side others officiate.

@gunner_x49 You know at the other end, Mike Dean would have been blowing up straight away..

Mike Dean ta fille,ta sœur, ta mère, ta tante, ta grand mère, ton fils, ton frère, ton père, ton grand père les grosses salopes.

500 Premier League games ⚽️ 50,000 eye rolls 🙄 Celebrated big goals 🙋‍♂️ Disgust at foul throws and being touched 😠 We will never get another referee like Mike Dean!.

Mike Dean Gonna screw it in the next 45 because it is his 500th game in charge. Not gonna miss this opportunity to make it all about himself. Like most of the matches he officiates. #ARSSHU.

Second half is all on Mike Dean😎. Let’s go..

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Vi på Stryktipset skickar en stor grattiskram till Mike Dean som i skrivande stund dömer sin 500:e match i Premier League 👏.

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Stake EPL Up against the tricky Pepe and looks a good price considering we have Mike Dean as the ref here..

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500 Premier League games for the man, the myth, the legend - Mike Dean 👏 #ITVFootball.

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Premier League game number 500 for Mike Dean today. He got presented with an award to mark the occasion before the match. Probably best that they did the presentation before the fans were let in..

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Name me something more iconic than Mike Dean issuing a yellow card 3 minutes into his 500th premier league game 😂😂.

Four minutes into Mike Dean’s 500th #PL game, and he whips out a yellow card. The bloke is box office #ARSSHU.

Mike Dean will be given a pre-match presentation to mark his 500th game ahead of Arsenal vs Sheffield Utd 👏 Can’t wait for him to come walking out of the tunnel like this 🕺😂.

Mike Dean is set to take charge of his 500th Premier League today 👏 Just sit back and enjoy some peak Dean 🤣.