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From a Patriots football moving forwards point of view, have to think that Mike Evans becomes available now. Another name added to the WR trade market..

Do the Bucs look to blow things up now? Aging team that struggled with Tom Brady Could we see Chris Godwin or Mike Evans dealt? This offseason is going to be another really fun one.

True or False? ✍️ With Tom Brady retiring, the Buccaneers should trade Mike Evans..

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Mike Evans from the Bucs makes the most sense if you’re grabbing dudes from that roster. He’s 30 but arguably the most consistent WR in the nfl. Him and claypool on the outside with Mooney in the slot and Velus doing Velus things would be a good group with an improved O-line..


Mike Evans has had a 1,000 season every season since he joined the league. 🤕🤕 lmao.

Honest to God, all year the radio and TV bloggers went on and on about the offensive line and how you can’t trust OT on undependable types like Wynn and Brown, then the season ends and it’s all Hopkins, Renfroe, Higgins and now Mike Evans. What the fuck..

If bucs are willing to trade now who would y’all want Mike evans do Chris Godwin? #DaBears.

Tampa should go all in on moving up. Trade Mike Evans or Godwin plus 1st round for 1 slot and draft Bryce.

So where do the Buccs go from at (55M) on the cap and Brady set to cost them 35M (voided year) Dallas go strike on Mike Evans and bring him over to be our outside WR..


@SmittyForSix He’s not better than Mike Evans and before you come back with some dumb shit look at the man’s stats lol.

Mike Evans has never NOT had a 1k+ yard season. Every single season for his career has been 1k+ yards for him. No matter the QB..

Everyone on twitter saying Mike Evans isn’t going for 1,000 yards just means that he is now lmao..

I got my TB12 retirement sadness out last year. Now I just want Mike Evans available via trade 🙏.

@JonHelmkamp Need to add 2024 1st, 2025 3rd, Vita vea & Mike Evans to even think about it..

@Marcus_Mosher Trade Godwin to the Bears! Trade Mike Evans to the Patriots! Trade Fournette to Eagles!.

@art_stapleton Make the call to the Bucs for Mike Evans? The team was poor with Brady. I’d think they’d try and rebuild and Bowles isn’t a great HC. Can’t think the ask would be that much given age. 3rd maybe?.

@DaveKluge Dear Dave, You have a better chance at getting Mike Evans than Godwin. And you have no chance at getting Mike Evans..

It is in the #Bucs best interest to trade Mike Evans and Chris Godwin for draft assets..

@Heli8081 @NFLSTROUD His final pass period was a 2 point conversion to Mike Evans and seeing that in person will be a core memory for my life..

@Marcus_Mosher Trade Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans, Shaq Mason, Shaq Barrett and Donovan Smith. Then extend Anthony Nelson, move Hainsey to RG. Then the big holes are at QB and secondary which you take in the draft..

@itsmine49 I was gonna say not Mike Evans because he is old but he only turns 30 in August. Feels like he has been around way longer.

Gotta think the #GoBucs blow it up now, right? Guys that are aging but still good/great players like Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Shaq Barrett (gross contract tho), Shaq Mason, Leonard Fournette, and Akiem Hicks have to be available now, right? #TomBrady.

Bucs are about to tear it down to the nubs. Time to watch Mike Evans and Godwin to see if they are on the move. Uncle Lenny is on his way out, too..

@DeeksViewOG What yo thoughts on trading for Mike Evans? He on his last year n with tampa havin no answer at the qb spot I can see him bein moved this offseason.

@NFLonCBS Tyrod Taylor (acquired in a trade with the Giants where we receive Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Ryan Jensen… maybe Devin White to make if fair).

@JRod__22 Chances on this TB- Mike Evans Bears- pick #54 2024 2nd 🤷‍♂️.

“Hey @Buccaneers , it’s the @BuffaloBills Brandon Beane calling, I know you need ammo to move up for a QB now that Brady’s we have a 1st round pick you could have for Mike Evans or Chris take your pick. Thanks LMK” #BillsMafia.

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