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Bring back MTV Cribs but only feature SEC coaches. I wanna confirm my suspicions that Mike Leach resides in an abandoned Ruby Tuesday..

Mike Leach gets his first Egg Bowl win. Wild game. One of the most fun rivalry games in college football..

Mississippi State wins its seventh game over an AP-ranked opponent under Mike Leach, all while the Bulldogs have been unranked. No other school has more than four wins as an unranked team against ranked opponents in the past three seasons..

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You can call me coach’s pet, homer for a school I didn’t go to or whatever, but as someone who Mike Leach made love football and my job again right before I graduated college and almost left the industry, I’m happy for the outcome tonight and for him. Air Raid works..

Mike Leach has led Mississippi State to 7 wins against ranked teams in three seasons, which is tied for third-most by a Bulldog head coach. The #HailState record is 9: Dan Mullen (2009-17) and Jackie Sherril (1991-03)..

Mike Leach on Randy Charlton breaking up the two-point conversion:.

@OleMissFB Mike leach owns your poverty program and Lane Kiffin is going to Auburn.

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MSU President Mark Keenum was in the postgame locker room at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium tonight to congratulate the Bulldogs, Head Coach Mike Leach and Interim AD Bracky Brett on the team’s 24-22 Egg Bowl win. The Dogs finished the regular season 8-4 and will receive a bowl bid..

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Party heads to Starkville after Mississippi State football wins Egg Bowl.

On a better note, congratulations to my president, Mike Leach, on winning the Egg Bowl..

@LuxWade They will learn the hard way that Mike leach is an enigma and must leave on his own accord. If you fire him it curses your program for a decade of suck..

I don’t want to see a single Mike Leach hater after tonight. If you weren’t with him before then you aren’t allowed to be with him now. All I know is I would run through a brick wall for @Coach_Leach #HailState.


This stat is simultaneously the good and bad thing about Mike Leach as your coach.

Egg Bowl conclusion: Mike Leach wins to maintain his job Lane Kiffin loses and begins his transition to Auburn. Story to follow..

@NellyD15 Time to hire an unconventional coach with a proven record like Mike Leach 🏴‍☠️.

Olha só o Mike Leach ganhando jogos com uma ótima performance defensiva. E por mim que o Lane Kiffin vá embora pra Auburn mesmo, que performance vagabunda no playcalling pra fechar a temporada de forma melancólica..

@leesuperstar375 Nice to know there are alternate realities. Imagine being obtuse associating the word performed with Mike Leach in any other context than as a pirate 😛..

Mike Leach might be my favorite human to ever walk this earth and it’s not even close…..

@PeterBurnsESPN I know this is ridiculous, but it took Mike Leach moving from the Pac12(10 or 11) to the SEC to win a rivalry game? 😃.

@calebkelz I know one thing for sure, mike leach didn’t have a plan. Whatever Zach arnett is getting paid, it is certainly not enough.

Lane Kiffin = A LEGENDARY 🐐 Mike Leach = A FRAUD 🤡 #HottyToddy.

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@imjipper33 @Lane_Kiffin will NEVER win a championship at Auburn. Hell…he will never have the best team in Alabama bc he doesn’t even have the best team in Mississippi and got out coached by Mike Leach lmfao.

Bill Walton calling college hoops is a preview of Mike Leach calling college football after retirement. Make it happen!!!!!.

Rushed 3 all night with a zone soft behind, hasn’t worked ALL SEASON. It especially wasn’t going to work against the best, most accurate QB in CFB in the Mike Leach system. This loss & a couple others are on solely Chris Partridge & the defense play calls.

If we got Bill Walton, Jeff & Stan van Gundy, Mike Leach, Darryl Sutter, and Joe Biden in the same room together the world might spontaneously combust from the most random, delusional, abstract dialogue ever recorded..

Weird. I was told Mike Leach wouldn’t work in the SEC. That the air raid is too much of a gimmick..

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@UnnecRoughness And people thought Mike Leach’s speech about evolution was “out-of-left-field”….

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