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These women are amazing!!! Justa Minx v Yodeling Haley may be fight if the night. #creatorclash.

Minx Photo,Minx Photo by Philip DeFranco 👊🏻,Philip DeFranco 👊🏻 on twitter tweets Minx Photo


Minx Photo,Minx Photo by Andrea Botez,Andrea Botez on twitter tweets Minx Photo

minx vs haley should’ve been the main event that was the most entertained i’ve been so far.

Thus far Ryan vs Alex and Minx vs Haley have been the most intense and impressive fights #creatorclash.

minx enjoyed getting the shit beaten out of her at #creatorclash a little too much 💀.

#creatorclash Review: 2/2 James fight was a bit unfair. Minx and Hayley set youtube female boxing a pretty high bar. Micheal Reeves is a monster. Harley although legal, still did feel unfair. Mike seemed like he was pulling punches midway, deserved win. Rating: out of 10.


@cruel_rice @brittballls Minx won a close fight vs a tiktoker, great fight was even till the end when minx took it and won..

Minx just grinning her whole fight is so fucking funny but she does look clinically insane icl #creatorclash.

@okki_chang 全然こないから大丈夫です★今日禁酒日だから、酒飲まないでおすすめできる店持ってる人もあんまりいなさそう😇.

@nickisnotgreen Haley was good but there was no way Minx wasn’t gonna pull through..

I wanted Minx and Micheal Reeves to on this up!!! #creatorclash.

@TheMarshall318 MINX love Minx and I heard she got that other girl good 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️.

haley my girl getting her ass beat by none other than fucking MINX😭.

Creator Clash was so fucking good. IDubbz and everyone put on a fantastic show. Highlights for me Ryan vs Alex Minx vs Hayley Michael vs Graham Ian vs Mike.

Minx doing that 360 then dropping is hilarious, she just had a good time #creatorclash @JustaMinx.

Aún no me creo que hayan quedado las tres al final, DIOS NOS MIRASTE A LOS OJOS.

@NiceLovingFrend Dood I was tryna say this same exact thing but I was too minx was smiling throwing HOOKS.

@Greth_Minx Pienso, igualmente nos harán elegir entre esas y la que gané irá para el muster o la setlist, elijo creer 🙌.

no one asked but creator clash was so good. ryan/alex and minx/haley were definitely the best. ididathing has SO MUCH potential and definitely needs to fight again..

idk who’s had the best fit tonight but Hundar’s tassels and Minx’s glittery purple getup are both fire.

@cfpisbiased i explained my pov that minx clearly did better and u keep pushing in my replies that’s why i said chill. if u don’t agree with me that’s fine but no need to be annoying in my replies.

@stormaggedonn @rc_rdges oh probably so! also if one’s bending their knees more than the other prob. it was such a good fight though i thought haley could pull it off in the 4th bc minx looked tired but minx got gas at the end.

The Minx clips, the Idubbbz video, and Charlie’s video are definitely gonna be the best things to look forward to after #Creatorclash.


@emiokok @VOYAGE85199191 I mean give her some credit she fucked minx up a good bit too 😂.

@spammywammy123 @rc_rdges I think the commentators said halley was leaning forward a lot and minx was sticking her chin up, so that probably exaggerated it.

Just found out about the creator clash. Evidently minx is a force to be reckoned with.

i wanna relive watching minx and haley go absolutely ape shit again that match got me pissin my sheets and twisting my ankles a whole 180° degrees.

AGH AGH AGH WHERE DO I WATCH MICHAEL AND MINX I MISSED BOTH OF THEM, cuz I didn’t know where to watch them in the first place, BUT LETSSGOOOO, but plz where can I watch the fights DDDDDD:.

nah man they did arin and haley dirty LOOOL minx and harley are fucking stonewalls tho.

#creatorclash has been such a funny and great event but nothing has beaten minx murdering Haley in cold blood.

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