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I totally understand the distaste for Modok’s design in Quantumania but some of y’all expected him to look like this & I just don’t think they could adapt the traditional Modok design in a way that makes him a threatening villain. I hope I end up being wrong.🤷‍♂️.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by Matt Ramos,Matt Ramos on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

I kinda fucks with the MODOK design MODOK already looked/is goofy as hell.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 #HIVESZN,Plathanos 🐝🇩🇴 #HIVESZN on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

How did mfs expect a giant ass head to look? All CGI to complain about it being cgi?? Comic accurate doesn’t mean good and MODOK design was already poopoo lol.

Crazy how Ben 10 Omniverse gave us a more accurate MODOK then whatever tf this is 😭.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by zαcк,zαcк on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

I’m not as worked up about MODOK’s design since I know it’s just gonna be a helmet that’s gonna get removed later..

Si ese puto casco se abre y debajo hay una cabeza amorfa y gigante de humano… compro. Y sino pues a tragar con un MODOK con cara de logo de los Decepticons..

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by Christian Arroyo #SheHulkAbogadaHulka,Christian Arroyo #SheHulkAbogadaHulka on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

Lotta things that really suck about the Avengers game but I do really admire the decision to make MODOK the main villain, taken seriously.

Primer vistazo al gusano robótico, perdón a Modok en Quantmania..

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by ✨ B A T M A N ✨,✨ B A T M A N ✨ on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

Adin Frank Ocean Kai Cenat Jake Paul KSI Alex Wassabi Neymar Tommy #chainsawman #Evo2022 Modok.

Nah if that’s actually Modok then I’m fucking done with the MCU🗿.

@borithium2 Ain’t no way this the final design? I’m expecting this! #MODOK.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by Adrian Foster,Adrian Foster on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

People shouldn’t be hating on MODOK when he legit shrank down and turned into this in his suit. It’s not like he customized his body lol.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by Chad Ryan,Chad Ryan on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

For the last time…it’s a FAN-MADE concept. It’s not the real modok.


I’d prefer if we were getting real MODOK but considering he’ll be a secondary villain, it’s close enough for me to not be too bothered. Not exactly a Taskmaster situation.

@Stressed_Ashley Avengers game really found the perfect template to make MODOK both intimidating and work as a design within a realistic universe and the MCU said no.

@JDC7979 J’avais vu une sorte de leak mais pas sur du scenario où en gros ils retournent dans le monde quantique et on découvre la ville avec genre le seigneur quantique MODOK Kang et même les 4 fantastiques et Janet leur expliquerait tout mais là ça mettrait tout au même niveau quoi.

@Kels_X_Lua I mean the original design of Modok would look very weird in live action, I prefer this tbh.

@Browntable_Ent Yeah I just can’t see that translate to live action.😭 I do hope we get Modok’s big head & he’s a menace. I gotta see it to believe it kinda thing..

@JuanitoSay pues que es basura, no em gusta nada y mucho menos que sea quien se rumorea, además que pinta a estas alturas MODOK si Iron man ya no esta..

Para aquellos a los que no os gustaba el supuesto diseño de MODOK os tenemos buenas noticias, se confirma lo que se creía, ¡Es fan art!.

Paso de comentar nada de ese Modok porque es que a mi Modok me suda los cojones y no me apetece fingir lo contrario. Eso pa vosotros..

With narrative context I bet you that MODOK design makes sense, still a bit weird Also I think that mask comes off at some point to reveal the deformity.


@caucautwt amg acho q na real se o modok fosse realmente fiel aos quadrinhos ia ser exatamente assim KAKAKAKKAKAKAKAKAK até as cabeças IGUAL.

It would have been a. Power move if they casted Tom Kenny as modok in the mcu.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by Spider-Ken,Spider-Ken on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

This is not modok. George Tarleton is MODOK. He would’ve been cool to see in the mcu. Also what the point of bringing back Darren if he just gonna have a robotic face?! #AntManandTheWaspQuantumania.

MODOK Photo,MODOK Photo by AKA,AKA on twitter tweets MODOK Photo

@216_TheOne tbh there no other way to make modok not look stupid in live action so i’ll give them props😭.

@obtainedmage @CineGeekNews Comes by very quickly in the trailer (at least the version I saw). That is MODOK’s eye there..

@Dans37833638 @Corleone_prime Après modok il est moche smr ça me dérange pas de le changer.

Y’all don’t care about MODOK. y’all know he was gonna be a one off anyways..

@JayArby2 @TheKevstermania If that leak is true however It’s gonna be complete ass because the character it is is not modok.

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