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This is not a complex issue. Rick Gates and @realDonaldTrump both made statements under oath that flatly contradict each other. Either Mr. Gates committed perjury or @POTUS committed perjury. #MondayThoughts.

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You must give extra to expect After asking for your balance #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts.

This is not a complex issue. Rick Gates and @realDonaldTrump both made statements under oath that flatly contradict each other. Either Mr. Gates committed perjury or @POTUS committed perjury. #MondayThoughts.

Every event in your life , no matter how big or small, plays a significant role in your growth. Learn from experience.✊ #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts.

#MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts केवल ज्ञान ही एक ऐसा अक्षर तत्त्व है, जो कहीं भी, किसी अवस्था और किसी काल में भी मनुष्य का साथ नहीं छोड़ता… हमारी इच्छा और कोशिश सदेव ही ज्ञान की होनी चाहिए, यह सभी सुखों का मार्ग है|.

#MondayThoughts: Darkness and Light (The War) via @SylvesterPoetry.

Follow this link 2 join my WhatsApp group: Ask-D-Radiologist. Aims 2 creat awareness at d value radiology contributes 2 safe patient care & d vital role Radiology plays in health care continuum. #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts.

#MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts Supreme God is labor Visit 👇👇.

Too tired and too many people in my life need is the word for today. #mondaythoughts.

जूनून: A Powerful Motivational Story in Hindi: Inspirational story [motivational video] #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts.

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Our mind is a cultivate good thoughts & always remain positive & get what we think, so think positive life will be automatically positive #MondayThoughts #MondayMotivation.

if you know you left space in your Biology or History notebook for diagram and didnt draw it ,reply with an emoji 🤞🤞🤟🤟✌️ #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts.

Gooooood morning to you. I do enjoy nature programmes that feature birds 🐦 😺🐾🐾❤️ #fascinating #mondaythoughts.

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*प्रकृति का तीसरा नियम* आपको जीवन से जो कुछ भी मिलें उसे पचाना सीखो क्योंकि भोजन न पचने पर रोग बढते है। पैसा न पचने पर दिखावा बढता है बात न पचने पर चुगली बढती है। प्रशंसा न पचने पर अंहकार बढता है। #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts.

You CANNOT raise your children how your parents raised you, because they raised you for a world that no longer exists. #mondaythoughts #MondayMood.

A lesson well learnt from Bayelsa Governorship Election do not bite the finger that fed you. #mondaythoughts.

Main jitna durr Tumse bhaagna chaahu, Tum utna kareeb aajaate #MondayThoughts - First time travelled in #ChennaiExpress from Pune to Mumbai : Picture bhi acchi thi aur train bhi acchi hai! ;) (well I’ve motion sickness so train is better than car for travel).

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#mondaythoughts be like Are you shopping for a car for at most KES New connect in town on instagram. I have a VOLVO XC 60 2014 Model (KCV). Follow AutoMotor254 on Instagram or click.

हाथ सिर पर मेरे जब तक हर एक मां का है मुसीबतों का मुझसे वास्ता फिर कहाँ का है।। एक-एक दुआ ने संभाल के रखा मेरे हौंसलों का जहाज अब दुश्मन भी सिर्फ मेरा नाम का है। #Devenderyadav #mondaythoughts.

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#mondaythoughts #ईसाईधर्म_की_सच्चाई क्या आप जानते हैं कि कौन है वह सर्वशक्तिमान पूर्ण परमात्मा जो मनुष्य के सभी पाप कर्मों को समाप्त कर सकता है। जानने के लिए अवश्य देखें ईश्वर चैनल पर रात 8:30 से।.

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If you expect honesty, be honest. If you expect forgiveness, forgive. If you expect a whole person, you have to be a whole person. #mondaythoughts.

I guess I’m just getting old & out of the day I’ve seen things pop up from the People’s Choice Awards & I’ve never heard of half these people 🤷🏼‍♀️ #mondaythoughts.

Can Bloomberg win? Polling is not impressive, but most of it is old. Besides, never count out anyone who can drop 1 billion of their own money into the race. #Election2020 #mondaythoughts.

If you find it hard to accept and respect those you fear just because they live outside your narrow boundaries you will find yourself eventually all alone on the periphery of modern social relevancy #micropoetry #mondaythoughts.

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A good friend shared this with me today. So profound. We often let the noise around us seep into our space allowing it to steal our joy and sanity. #MondayMotivaton #mondaythoughts.

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In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic ! Trying my best to get comfortable in a saree 😊 & embrace hand woven garments that have a beautiful story behind them like - @real_weaverstory @krsalajewellery Have a bright week ahead #mondaythoughts.

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