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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 12:05 PM IST

Morrissey Top Tweets On Twitter

  • "If you try to make everything multicultural, you end up with no culture at all." Morrissey..

  • kind of impressive how thoroughly Morrissey erased his whole legacy of making music that people LOVED and is now just “topless granddad who ruined yet another barbecue by being racist”.

  • Morrissey: “We’re All Called Racist Now, The Word is Meaningless” -.

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  • At this point Morrissey is what would happen if you gave Alex Jones striking musical talent and a sense of ennui.

  • Everything is racist nowadays, Sadiq Khan is a joke and Diane Abbott wouldn’t get a job down Tesco! Classic Morrissey 😂👍 👉.

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  • "i’m just trying to test my viewers and listeners to see if they ready to evolve and grow with me." –@asvpxrocky.

  • [email protected] wants to work with Morrissey (@officialmoz).

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  • Singer Morrissey says that ‘modern loony left’ forgot that Hitler was ‘left wing’.

  • If Morrissey is such a has-been as all you regressive blue check marks claim, why does his every comment send you into apoplectic fits? Triggered much? 😄.

  • Josh Morrissey Facing Lifetime Ban from the NHL:.

  • Singer Morrissey says that ‘modern loony left’ forgot that Hitler was ‘left wing’.

  • Morrissey dropping truth bombs..

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  • Jets D Morrissey suspended for Staal check.

  • catching up on the morrissey news and feeling absolutely sick to my stomach.

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  • Casual. Además de una foto de su gato, Morrissey (@officialmoz) comparte un tema inédito en su nuevo sitio web. Disfruta de “By the Time I Get to Wherever I’m Going”! 🐈.

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  • the only credible remark morrissey has ever made was coining the term “bulbous salutation” for an erection.

  • Morrissey is a fucking idiot..

  • Think we should all have a whip-round and buy Morrissey a white Ford Transit..

  • Bacan haber visto en vivo a Morrissey tres veces para así no tener que ir a verlo nunca más y no cooperar con su megalomanía cacofónica de mierda..

  • Moore, you’re a moron. Read the entire interview. Then again maybe you did and recognized yourself as one of the knob sucking, soulless, pseudo journalist whores Morrissey’s talking about..

  • Meu texto que fala (de forma bem rasa) sobre o Morrissey e a origem das ideias nacionalistas dele:.

  • we all know #morrissey is a racist pos, but this quote is super revealing. i wonder how many white people think like this:.

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  • seeing these takes from Morrissey is making my brain hurt.

  • Są jeszcze myślący artyści. Morrissey przy głosie..

  • ¿Por qué Morrissey se transformó en un zorrón? ¿Nos pasará lo mismo? ¿Será el devenir? Opiniones..

  • @PrisonPlanet Morrissey: Unlikely Voice of Reason.

  • Singer Morrissey says that ‘modern loony left’ forgot that Hitler was ‘left wing’.

  • Team win over NMH 11-2. Goals from: Canfield 🎯🎯🎯🎯 Walker 🎯🎯🎯 Morrissey 🎯🎯 Pinckney 🎯🎯 Hard Hat to B. Blake , had a day off the ground on gbs with great resilience throughout. Back at it on Saturday when we welcome @VAWildcatNation to Quimby Field. #RollPens.

  • That’s Morrissey and The Smiths completely removed from my Spotify playlists now..

  • Not eating #RedMeat won’t save the planet ~ #Vegan #Veganism #Vegetarian #Vegetarianism #EatMeat #Omnivorious #MeatEater #Meat #theMoz #MoralHighGround #Morrissey #DumbShit.

  • #Vegetarian diets are not going to save the planet from #ClimateChange~ #Vegan #Nonsense #Veganism #MoralHighGround #Vegetarianism #EatMeat #Omnivorous #MeatEater #Breatharian #ZenMacroBiotic #RestrictiveDiets #Fads #Morrissey #TheMoz #DumbShit #EatShit.

  • Left wing Morrissey.

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  • *Morrissey bursts into junior high debate team meeting, rushes the lectern*.

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  • This interview is of course shocking and outrageous. And often wrong. But he is a genius and should be listened to if only for the songs. I do love the quote: “If animals spoke English no one would eat them”. Morrissey basically is the Larkin of our age..