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MARQUETTE COMES OUT ON TOP! #mubb beats Villanova for the first time since upsetting the No. 1-ranked Wildcats on Jan. 24, 2017..

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#MUBB won the eFG matchup 58 to 48, lost on turnovers and rebounding and who cares?.

Guys. #mubb needed a defensive stop to win the game, and they got it. Let that sink in..

If you’re like me, and you spend a lot of time in your car, you rely on sports talk radio and your mind. One day I was trying to find something, anything, in sports that I despise more than the Badgers. Or even just as much. That day was Sept 30, 1979. I’m still thinking. #mubb.

@MarquetteU #NationalMarquetteDay is not over until Brad Davison can pin me (without cheating) ... #mubb.

I need the Howard-Hauser picture of them in suits that they show all of the time before commercial breaks. Who can help a girl out? #mubb @mubbnation @MarquetteMBB.

I want to hate @VUCoachJWright but he makes it impossible. He’s a total class act, except for the fact he’s an @Eagles fan. #Mubb.

Ya know what’s great? Non-Marquette and Marquette-adjacent fans texting you about today. #mubb.

NEW ON AE: @bensnider94 delivers the details on @MarquetteMBB’s win over Villanova! #mubb.

[email protected] says getting this win on #NationalMarquetteDay was huge – and that he believes #mubb has some of the best fans in the country. 👏.

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Wojo says Morrow made a game-winning play on defense by just following the gameplan. Says it was certainly the reason they got the stop. #mubb.

First question for Wojo is about the last possession. Wojo says, overall, #mubb played an outstanding defensive game against a potent offense. Said the perimeter guys did a great job, but that Morrow was the key. Booth got by his man, but Morrow stepped up..

I just noticed that #mubb won despite not scoring a field goal in the last 3:07. Occasionally my cats hold onto the furniture by just their claws. #mubb kind of did the same thing today..

If you can’t get a rebound over a 5’11” PG without putting your arm on him, you deserve the L. #MUBB #NOVAvsMARQ.

In the immortal words of @JSteppe1: “Down. Goes. Number. One.” #mubb.

Have we checked on @BrianPHenry ? #mubb keeps on winning!.

@magzman84 ANOTHER rigged effort, team could not cover the spread. #MUBB #Marquette @markushoward11.

@the_fed_23 I was referring to the whole game. #MUBB played good D all game. Held them to 40% shooting overall and 31% from 3..

🎥 @Sacar_Anim15 chats with @John_Fanta following #mubb’s victory over Villanova..

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Someone wore a Conner McDavid jersey to the game and I’ve never been more disappointed in this university. #mubb.

Howard and Anim give each other a buddy-buddy low-five, snap-handshake as they leave the stage. They deserve to smile and share a moment; they both had outstanding days today. #mubb.

Minneapolis in the building. Thanks @Sacar_Anim15 for reppin Minnesota today. #mubb beats Nova. Nice showing at the MN Club of MN gathering. Props to @GrindersWinDT also. Got him ready for this..

MARQUETTE COMES OUT ON TOP! #mubb beats Villanova for the first time since upsetting the No. 1-ranked Wildcats on Jan. 24, 2017..

MARQUETTE WINS! Villanova misses at the buzzer and #mubb takes a 66-65 win over the Wildcats..

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