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Pres. Donald Trump posts on Truth Social that he will be arrested this upcoming Tuesday. First Russia, Russia, Russia, then Mueller, then Impeachment Hoax 1 and 2, then the Mar a Lago raid, now this. The corruption never stops. @OANN.

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@LadyLibertea @bennyjohnson I thought all the peds worked for the Trump campaign..

@elebull @EdKrassen Trump should have been charged in the Russia investigation. The evidence was plain as day (actually read the mueller report). He should have been impeached twice. He should’ve been charged w/obstruction at least 2x. There was no witch hunt. It was all 100% deserved..

Mueller legacy and credibility was completely destroyed .He knew Trump was a traitor and he should have reported it ..

Most Obvious Reason that Soros-Backed DA Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is a Sham Is the Mueller Gang Did Not Pursue It.

@EdKrassen Which dominoes? Red or Blue? Have you heard of the boomerang? Each time they go after Pres T - he gets more support. -Mueller -Russia -Impeach 1 -Impeach 2 -Mar a Lago -Tax Your hatred is elevating Pres T - please carry on..

@SpeakerMcCarthy I’m requesting you reveal how our democracy is being subverted. I take offense that taxpayer $$$ is being spent to investigate the investigators bc your Party didn’t like the results of ALL invest. including Durham’s on behalf of the Republicans for the for the Mueller Report!.

@apokerplayer @EliseStefanik Mueller recommended he be charged for 10 counts of obstruction…..

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