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If y’all mess with Muncie, Indiana so much give a deserving Muncie resident a resume back me up!.

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やば。8キルしたわ。 もう初心者名乗らなくてもいいかな。 「初心者が野良とドン勝食うまで終わらない旅」って動画出してるけど。.

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Gas is $ at the marathon in the village rn for all my muncie folks that want to fill up while it’s cheap.

くっそ!!! 動画出してから行こうと思ったのに間に合わんかったァァァーー!! バイト行ってきます。.

絡んでくれる人少ないからリムろうかな。 ってツイートよく見かけるけど一方的に絡んでもらえると思うなよ。.

今日マガジン系の単行本の発売日やん。 買いに行きてーーー。 バイトやーー。.

First year as a flag football head coach and took the 14th seeded Muncie Potholes to the final four. We may have lost but atleast our team won for having the worst sportsmanship in the league. The offseason starts now boys.

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ローソンのスピードくじって知ってる人からしたら「応募券」がハズレってわかるけど、 知らない人から、 「応募券当たった!」ってなるくね?.

Varsity baseball defeats Muncie Central 10-0 in 5 innings. Robby Hook throws 2nd no hitter of year @HHCConference.

皐月賞当てにいくかぁー! みんなの推し馬教えて #競馬 #皐月賞.

Had an amazing time at Ball State’s Spring game‼️love what’s going on in Muncie, can’t wait to get back✌🏻 thank you Ball State and the entire staff #WeFly20.

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今からバイト行って12時に帰ってきて動画編集して明日の昼頃に出すって流れにしようと思うわ。 バイトうんち。行ってきます。.

if ur name is lauren and u live in muncie but u were at corner pocket tonight calling me gross can u come tell me yourself instead of to other ppl? thank u.

Today was my last day @TheStarPress. Thank you, Muncie, for all the memories over the last year and a half..

In Muncie you gotta hit up multiple weedmen at once then just get yo bag from whoever hit you back first then ignore the rest when they reply to late 🙄😂😂.


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It’s been a hot minute since Be Here Now has had a stacked metal show in Muncie. We would like to continue to bring these kind of shows to Muncie and to continue to help grow this amazing scene! This is gonna be amazing, so RSVP (links in the bio) and come enjoy local music 💛.

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7 layers of hell: - waiting for your friend to get up in the morning when you spend the night - waiting for a response to a risky message - Suicide Squad on repeat - family reunions - Muncie Walmart - horny Twitter - hot tub with Joe Biden.


Nice win for the Lady Blackhawks softball team as they defeat Muncie Central 9-0. Cowan is back in actio tomorrow evening against New Castle..

Youngboy coming to Muncie 🔥‼️🤧🤧🔥🔥 niggas finna be in there bumping.


Sunny days like these actually make it seem like Muncie isn’t just one giant meth lab.

If y’all mess with Muncie, Indiana so much give a deserving Muncie resident a resume back me up!.

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