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That looked like a long cold walk into the gym, but she survived, amazingly #my600lblife

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💚Carissa Joy💙 ()

Catfish Ashley Taylor threatening the ONE AND ONLY DR. NOW on #my600lblife will absolutely NOT be tolerated. BOK BOK BITCH.

Ms.COD ()

Ashley thought she could come on this show and bullshit Dr. Now into approving her for surgery without doing the work. #my600lblife

Miss. Glam & Glitter ()

Ashley is a world class asshole. Your entire family has stopped dealing with you? Girl, go get your beard waxed and stop shaving #my600lblife

Miss. Glam & Glitter ()

Ashley is the most disgusting person I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m addition to being fat and needing psychotherapy, she also needs speech therapy, fat nasty trick #my600lblife

Reagan ☺️ ()

These folks think cause they get some pizza with some veggies on it, that’s doing something 😭 #my600lblife

The American Cultural Practice of Raw Dogging ()

This lady is the worst person on both #catfish AND #my600lblife I hate her on both shows

Nicole ()

I enjoy Ashley T. continually saying she has “better things to do” at this now infamous appt with Dr. Now. Her life is eating and cat fishing people Oh, I forgot watching TV too. #my600lblife

Blk Diamond ()

That chicken looked good I gotta get out of this house 🤦🏿‍♀️ #my600lblife

NatBooty ()

Soooo, Ashley’s crazy @ss is definitely NOT getting weight loss surgery. One thing mofos always got is the audacity #my600lblife

Midge🌊 ()

@JeffreyLuscombe These trigger me to snack, they make food look delicious and I think I look great in comparison. #my600lblife

Ashley E Plummer ()

So you 600lbs cuz your sisters were mean. Meanehile the other folks on here are 600lbs because they have been beaten raped etc #my600lblife

J.Lynn-o :) ()

Dr. Now plays no games #my600lblife 😂😂 Patient: I’m a picky eater Dr Now: how can you be a picky eater and you’re 600lbs 😩😩😂😂😂😂

Cordell ()

Brown sugar and butter on the squash? Ma’am, you aren’t helping your daughter #my600lblife.

Durtie ()

#my600lblife her mother is everyone when he said she must be eating 6000 calories a day

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Tell your dog i said hi ()

What happened to the episodes where they actually followed the program, lost weight before surgery and then after? We’re left with failure and wallpaper border with cupcakes on it! (...but no shower scene ) #my600lblife

Chelsea ()

#my600lblife Is it just me or does anyone else grab unhealthy food and eat it while watching?

Luv_2_h8_zillas ()

@jamesdale90 TLC needs to bet these folks better! #my600lblife has been on TV damned near 10 These fools should know the deal by now!!

Megan jones ()

My gallbladder was all but rotten last October before having it removed. I could barely sit upright. I don’t see how she’s even functioning. #my600lblife

Su💤anne🌸 ()

When they don’t tell the truth at these appointments Dr. Now should show video of them eating everything same as we see. & where’s the psychological counseling this As important as weight loss. #my600lblife

Essy G. ()


Cordell ()

“Eating is my favorite thing to do.” This is gonna be quite an episode this week #my600lblife.

Debbie Boyer ()

#my600lblife She’s going to get tests every month-not when Coronavirus crisis hits

JD ()

Remember the good ol’ days when they would get weight loss and skin removal surgery in the same episode? Now we’re lucky if they even get the weight loss surgery. Ugh. #my600lblife

Felicia Daniels ()

I am disappointed in this episode. Do you think we should complain that we are tired of the no loser losers? #my600lblife

Terri ()

Okay, at least the show is ending with her in a good head space about everything. #My600LbLife

Chiny ()

#my600lblife its almost could have lost the weight by herself all knew🙄🙄🙄

Sixredmarbles ()

That looks like a pretty nice gym who is paying for all this girlfriend should be at Planet #my600lblife

Baby Love Jade ()

The fact that she says she is “trying” instead of just “doing” has me doubting her success #my600lblife

Amy Miller ()

I for one ☝🏼don’t want to hear the word sodium 🧂 out of her mouth one more time #my600lblife

Brad ❌ ()

That looked like a long cold walk into the gym, but she survived, amazingly #my600lblife

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