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#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt Geometry, not at all surprisingly since I have to create vectors in my head to move through an inaccessible world. What’s yours?

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Nora Helfand
Nora Helfand ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt self-compassion. The real deal; not conditional on what I achieve or what I do or who I know or how special I feel.

Kay 🥄 #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor
Kay 🥄 #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor ()

What a wonderful hashtag, in a series of wonderful hashtags 😊 #MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt learning biology and medicine in order to help treat my conditions. And to my delight this has informed my math/CS research so well that I’m now defining biological computation.

Ruth Golding
Ruth Golding ()

@esioul @Imani_Barbarin #MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt Resilience Critical-thinking Strategic thinking Child-centredness Inclusion

Ody_O ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt knowing, communicating and respecting my own boundaries and accepting the boundaries of others.

Sophie Lavender
Sophie Lavender ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt learning more about what society can do to make things more accessible and it made me realise how much more we have to do as a society to make things better for disabled people. I also know how to make the worlds best blanket nest 👌👌

Miso Kwak
Miso Kwak ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt building relationship with others, since I grew up negotiating and collaborating with teachers, professors, and classmates to make my educational experiences accessible

HotNerdClub ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt appreciating quiet. Especially in our day in age, the noise can be hard to turn off. When narcolepsy and insomnia tag team me and I’m up all night, I to be present. I give some time to things in my mind that are circling around and let them breathe 🧘🏾‍♀️

Trinity (Fae/Faer) 🎨♿🏳️‍🌈
Trinity (Fae/Faer) 🎨♿🏳️‍🌈 ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt first aid, wound care, infection all the fun stuff!

Sarah Esterman
Sarah Esterman ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt researching and reading critically, since I’ve had to do a lot of looking into new symptoms as they’ve come up

Towson DSU
Towson DSU ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt is picking up steam. Personally, I have gotten better at advocating for myself and others. What are your stories?

Jasminne Mendez
Jasminne Mendez ()

@Imani_Barbarin #MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt being ambidextrous I could only use my left hand for a long time while my right hand and fingers went through multiple surgeries. So now I’m ambidextrous and can interchangeably use both hands for 90% of all tasks.

Natasha, ✨PhD, ✨ MT-BC
Natasha, ✨PhD, ✨ MT-BC ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt contingency planning & creativity/innovation, particularly with regards to writing & recording/music related workflow.

Elizabeth Wright | FRSA & TEDx Speaker 🎤🦿🦾💜
Elizabeth Wright | FRSA & TEDx Speaker 🎤🦿🦾💜 ()

@Imani_Barbarin #MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt problem solving constantly, being very observant of my environment, and I have amazing core strength due to constant balance adjustments through every single day.

Haley Moss
Haley Moss ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt being empathetic. Knowing what it’s like to be excluded, treated as less socially, or denied access in turn has made me a more compassionate friend, problem-solver, creative thinker, and sensitive human who wants better for others.

Deviant Dyspraxic
Deviant Dyspraxic ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt problem solving. Being #dyspraxic certain tasks are more difficult and I process information in a different way. But that has make me think outside the box to come up with creative solutions to otherwise problematic scinarios.

Grean Bean
Grean Bean ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt having empathy, respecting boundaries, understanding others, having grace and flexibility with myself and

Sara Wezzie
Sara Wezzie ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt being patient with myself, and other people. Problem solving. It made me understand my worth is not defined by my productivity & what I can provide for the state. It taught me advocacy is where real change happens. Being an advocate gives me purpose ❤️

Casey😷 ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt eating spicy food. I have an incredibly high pain tolerance. I did the Last Dab from Hot Ones and barely broke a sweat 💪💃

🧂Salty Sicky🧂
🧂Salty Sicky🧂 ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt advocating for myself and others. When the entire system works against you, you’re forced to learn to fight back.

Perry Cunningham
Perry Cunningham ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt prioritising my energy to what or who needs it now. Also picking genuine people to do life with. Can see fake from a mile away.

Alex Haagaard (they/them)
Alex Haagaard (they/them) ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt thinking visually and creatively - one of the very, very few things I miss about my narcolepsy brain is the weird creepy magic of living in a world populated by hypnagogic hallucinations

Alex Haagaard (they/them)
Alex Haagaard (they/them) ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt research because I like diving into topics and I have a knack for noticing patterns and connecting information across disciplines

Bea LS ♿🐝✨
Bea LS ♿🐝✨ ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt choosing words incredibly specifically and running EVERYWHERE post-surgery

Michelle ()

I would also say that #MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt creative works in general. My brain is very visual & constantly spilling over with ideas. I am able to choreograph, design, & plan things very well in my head, even if I’ve never done them.

Sam ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt using my high levels of empathy and experiences with bad times to help others & use my kindness to spread positivity. 🥰

Dina Sophia ☆ Commissions OPEN!
Dina Sophia ☆ Commissions OPEN! ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt so many things: 🏵 utilizing intense emotion + creativity to hyperfocus on a project for countless hours 🏵 finding profundity + beauty everywhere 🏵 recognizing our bodies do not define us 🏵 appreciating the small things 🏵 cultivating empathy

Emily♡ ()

.#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt understanding the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, and advocating for myself and others’ needs. It has given me more courage, determination, passion, and empathy.

Ashley ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt trusting myself more than others; at having empathy and compassion for those around me fighting struggles I can and cannot understand, and accepting that adaptation is possible where change is not. #MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt yelling at doctors, 2tho😂

Michelle ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt communication. Being autistic made me a naturally direct communicator & then going to therapy for anxiety/OCD/PTSD taught me how to refine my natural style. It helps that my autistic/ADHD brain loves to learn about psychology 🤓

Crutches&Spice ♿️ : Rude For A Disabled Person
Crutches&Spice ♿️ : Rude For A Disabled Person ()

#MyDisabilityMadeMeGoodAt Geometry, not at all surprisingly since I have to create vectors in my head to move through an inaccessible world. What’s yours?

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