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A Myles Turner / Thomas Bryant 5 man rotation would be so fire. With an AD / Wenyen Gabriel 4 man mismatches. And then that Lonnie / Buddy combo both shooting lights out 👀.

Zack Cox
Zack Cox

Patriots CBs in the Buffalo playoff game last year: Jackson Joejuan Williams Myles Bryant Justin Bethel D’Angelo Ross De’Vante Bausby No guarantee this current group can hold up vs. Diggs, Davis, McKenzie, etc., but they’re much better off now at that position..

Patriots defensive starters OLB: Matthew Judon DT: Lawrence Guy Sr. DT: Davon Godchaux DT: Deatrich Wise Jr. ILB: Ja’Whaun Bentley CB: Jonathan Jones CB: Marcus Jones CB: Myles Bryant S: Kyle Dugger S: Adrian Phillips S: Devin McCourty.

Myles Bryant got taken off the field after that 15 and Adrian Phillips immediately walked over to say something to him. Veteran leadership..

Warming up with Moses Cabrera: Jakobi Meyers, Conor McDermott, Cole Strange, Bill Murray, Brenden Schooler, Hunter Henry, Bailey Zappe, ] Tavai, Tristan Vizcaino, Kendrick Bourne, Myles Bryant, Mack Wilson, Kevin Harris, Jon Jones, Adrian Phillips, Shaun Wade, Slater, McCourty.

Myles Bryant gave up on two plays before the whistle and it cost them big. That can’t happen and he’s gonna hear about it..

@Patriots Is it illegal to stop Buffalo on third down? Like they should not be gaining 8-10 yards every run. Myles Bryant needs to go immediately. Like this is just embarrassing at this point. Get a new O line please. Trent Brown sucks. Cole Strange is a major bust. Get it together.

Herbstreit is loving the Bills gameplan tonight, but really it’s just been forcing Ja’Whaun Bentley to read pullers and target Myles Bryant in the pass game. It’s not rocket science..

If u ever wanna give up on ur dreams just remember Myles Bryant gets snaps and Matt Patricia is an offensive coordinator for an NFL Team.

.@Patriots I just saw Myles Bryant and Pierre Strong selling fentanyl to 5th graders please cut them!.

In the word of Seth Rollins I hate Football. Mac Jones play his best game of the season but the refs, Matt Patricia and, Myles Bryant have to screw that up 😭.

Myles Bryant Photo,Myles Bryant Photo by JonnyLeTran5,JonnyLeTran5 on twitter tweets Myles Bryant Photo

We got Marcus Jones playing offense but he can’t take any snaps away from Myles Bryant. Tf is this coaching staff thinking.

Myles Bryant es agente libre en 2023, veremos si lo dejan así o le extienden contrato. #BUFvsNE | #ForeverNE.

What if I told you this is a picture of Matt Patricia and Myles Bryant?.

Myles Bryant Photo,Myles Bryant Photo by GREENBLOODED,GREENBLOODED on twitter tweets Myles Bryant Photo

official half drunk pats game takeaways: -im usually not a refs fucked us guy but the refs absolutely blew -JJ is him obviously -myles bryant should be cut (as usual) -lurky bad special teams? -mac actually played pretty well -idk i’ll think of more.

@Patriots Mac Jones play his best game of the season but the refs, Matt Patricia and, Myles Bryant have to screw that up 😭.

Myles Bryant Photo,Myles Bryant Photo by JonnyLeTran5,JonnyLeTran5 on twitter tweets Myles Bryant Photo

Offense cost themselves a solid 15 points, special teams cost them 14, Myles Bryant cost them 4 but Mac got his helmet tapped when Henry fell down and the refs correctly called a penalty on Bryant so Patriots were really just cheated by the NFL’s notorious favoring of the Vikings.

@MarkDanielsPJ Summary: 1. Egregious missed face mask on Mac 2. Bad PF called on Myles Bryant 3. Hunter caught that 4. Missed holding call on dugger.

Myles Bryant does absolutely nothing out there never seen someone look so lost in my life..

@Boston_Diehards Dumbest, worst coached Patriots team I have seen in my life. Get Pierre Strong and Myles Bryant the fuck out of New England for gods sake.

@FitzyGFY He should never see an NFL field again, that guy is as useless as Myles Bryant.

@NestPgs Nelson agholor, myles bryant, and pierre strong shaved 26 years off my lifespan..

@TheBg_12 Refs calling that hunter Henry catch took away our momentum, Myles Bryant is fucking stupid, and our special teams needs to be chewed out in film.

@ezlazar Myles Bryant hasn’t been able to hold Isiah McKenzie’s jockstrap for the past two years now..

Kirk Cousins to Adam Thielen for the 15 yard TD to take the lead at 33-26, y tf is Jalen Mills (who’s almost as bad as Myles Bryant) on the field??? The 3 Jones’s should be our CB’s @Patriots, either way c’mon Mac… #ForeverNE.

Myles Bryant Photo,Myles Bryant Photo by Alex 🦃,Alex 🦃 on twitter tweets Myles Bryant Photo

Take these refs, Pierre Strong, Myles Bryant, and Cam Achord and fire them into the fucking sun..

Myles Bryant cannot be the nickel for this team. If you want to play 3 corners, either play Marcus Jones at slot or move Jonathan Jones inside and bring in Jack Jones #Jones.

@urmomisaman Defense created no pressure and Myles Bryant needs to sit his ass on the bench, but offense made me hopeful.

@nacionpatriots Me da risa como los equipos especiales pueden pasar de estar en lo alto, a bajar y hacer un partido desastroso, Pierre Strong merece quedarse en la banca al menos unos partidos y Myles Bryant no se como pu*** sigue en el equipo.

If Myles Bryant is the starting slot CB next week, McKenzie is posting 160 yards @Patriots.

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