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Updated: September 16th, 2021 12:41 AM IST

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Imagine if Nate Silver actually had any expertise in epidemiology or

Nate Silver Twitter

Did it really take a California recall election for people to realize Nate Silver is a dunce?

Nate Silver “There’s a “pretty decent chance Newsom gets recalled.” #RecallNate

Nate Silver should strongly consider shutting the fuck up. I mean, everyone should, but Nate definitely should.

Nate Silver is what would happen if Dunning and Kruger had a child, and it was raised by participation trophies and mansplaining.

Somewhat refreshing to see everyone dunking on Nate Silver for his terrible political predictions instead of his terrible armchair epidemiology.

@mkefrizz I am with you. Kids getting vax will be more relief than me getting vax. Not that Nate silver gets it ..

Three things can be true: 1. Nate Silver is not great at political punditry 2. Nate Silver is extremely bad at public health punditry 3. Nate Silver is (still) pretty good at building statistical models to predict federal general elections

Nate Silver and Kasie Hunt walk into a everyone jeers.

Nate Silver is a guy who won one fantasy sports tournament and now gets to wander around the football field mid-game insulting everyone.

Hi, Nate Silver is constantly wrong about everything, please stop paying attention to him & giving him jobs in politics, thank you.

We got Nate Silver, Kasie, and Cillizza trending all at once today. Be safe everyone.

@chris_notcapn @Randomschantz Seriously, what happened to Nate Silver? Once upon a time he had some objectivity, but devolved into hackery.

@projectionedge i remember checking nate silver every day, once, but then he went completely off the rails


I’m just catching up on Twitter because I’ve been dealing with a Long Covid migraine and fatigue flare caused by attending a meeting ten minutes too long yesterday + Covid test bc my vaxed PT got a breakthrough case—is it Nate Silver’s opinion we’re taking Covid TOO seriously?

Can I get a new brain somewhere? I just ruined this one reading what Nate Silver said about covid.

@davidshor @SpecialPuppy1 Yes, Nate Silver is actually in touch with more Americans on COVID protocols than online liberals.

every day nate silver logs onto this app to say some very dumb shit and then waits for somebody to call him out so he can be like “actually, i know what graphs are 😏”

Does Nate Silver have some kind of highly specific amnesia where the existence of children under 12 just slides right out of his head every time he’s reminded of them, or is he just finally ripping the bandages off his true right-wing shill identity?

Nate Silver has been a great voice of reason on COVID since the vaccines came out, so of course the branch COVIDians hate him now. These mentions are absolutely insane. People who can’t cope with their irrational behavior

Nate Silver really does just log into this app and say anything BUT something that could be useful

@mehdirhasan Mehdi I like your commentary but Nate Silver only expressing an opinion like you do.

He’s vaccinated, for sure, but fuck Nate Silver and fuck everyone who is challenging fear of covid.

Imagine if Nate Silver actually had any expertise in epidemiology or

@ElieNYC @babaohreally Feels like Nate Silver should find a new line of work. Say, HR or something.

Folks, I see Nate Silver is trending. AGAIN. Just block him for a slightly happier life. Then click the three dots by the trend and choose Not interested in this.

Since Nate Silver is trending once again--and not in a good way, I figured I would re-up my decade-old @HuffingtonPost commentary which feels rather prescient now:

Headline: Pediatric cases of Covid 19 spike across the country. Nate Silver: The big problem facing America is liberals overreacting to the threat.

The way Nate Silver just goes into these ignorant rants every single ;lkjdsf;alksdjf;laksdf

Nate Silver’s tweets about COVID are an unbelievable hot mess of bad takes. One after another.

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