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Updated: July 28th, 2021 03:41 AM IST

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Putting aside the fact that Congress does not control the National Guard — the President and Executive Branch do — why would Pelosi be any more responsible than McConnell?

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Down to the Wire, the Senate Has a Deal to Fund the National Guard

Just in: Senate Appropriations chair Patrick Leahy and vice chair Richard Shelby announce deal on $2bn Capitol security supplemental bill — reimbursing US Capitol Police and the National Guard for Jan. 6.

Someone please advise how Biden currently has open border policies and there is simultaneously the national guard deployed to protect our borders.

Actions have consequences so today, I am announcing that I will be making a bill to impeach the national guard @Mock_NY @mubthecat

@Alvinthe1st @ginajellybeana7 We’re painfully aware!! That’s exactly the reason it took so long for the National Guard to show up on Jan. 6th!! Trump took his damn time calling them because he wanted them to disrupt the counting of the ballots!! He wanted them to find Mike Pence and hang him out front!!😳

@EliseStefanik Now do the bit of who was in charge of deploying national guard in DC. Gee, who was still the president on January 6th 2021? Why did it take hours to deploy them? Why were they not deployed like they were when BLM protest were happening?

One thing in particular jumped out at me from his testimony. There is a crying need to hold the insurrectionist abettors at the department of defense, from the acting secretary to Patel and Cohen-Watnick, to account. They deliberately withheld the national guard for crucial hours

JUST IN: The Senate has reached a deal to fund the National Guard. They have until Sunday to get them the money to avoid cancelled training and grounding aircraft

@michaelroseman5 @GeorgeTakei President is not final say for national guard at the capital. Learn how government works before talking.

@ArmendarizDis16 Unmarked federal troops were readily sent for that and national guard were on the Capitol steps as well when it came to BLM.

Just got a briefing from National Guard and Border Patrol. Now hearing from @SD_Guard at their observation posts. More than 20,000 border crossings in this zone just last week.

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Who rejected the order for the National Guard and told the Capitol Police to stand down?


@GovCox Explain why the UN is in Utah? Why not our national guard? Wtf you guys up to?


@duty2warn Well, Lying - YES. But IGNORANT is more appropriate. POTUS, not the Speaker, controls the National Guard. Why do Republicans spout off garbage without checking their facts first?

Mexico has unveiled a new security strategy to address violence in cities with the highest number of murders — including several in neighboring Sonora. That strategy continues to rely heavily on the National Guard. @ktblust reports.

1) You mean not since the bombing on 11/7/1983 2) We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy 3) Who killed Ashli Babbitt? 4) Who unlocked the magnetic doors? 5) Why was the national guard not deployed?

@MikeDorstewitz @GrizzlyJoeShow We know it was a setup. FBI involved. Pelosi said no to national guard.

@Angry_Staffer Right? Are they admitting there was an insurrection but Pelosi was supposedly unprepared for it by not ordering National Guard out which she has no authority to do?

@GOPLeader Your dumb azz! Are you really that dumb ? When it is that the Speaker of the House can call the National Guard performed a duty? You are a joke .

The Speaker has no authority over the National Guard and McCarthy is as dumb as a catfish.

Congress has failed to repay the $521 million it owes for Guard security forces in after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Nebraska could lose $ million, says Maj. Gen. Bohac.

@thehill The fbi warned days before that something could take place Jan. fbi suggested they place the national guard around the building before the event They were ignored WHY?

@danielsgoldman Trump asked for many National Guard for January 6, to protect Trump supporters from insurgents. He was turned down. See the Communist Mayor of Washington


@duty2warn yOu have nO evidence that she didn’t. Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn was in the room for one of the key January 6 phone calls in which DC government and US Capitol Police were asking for National Guard troops to quell the unfolding violence at the US Capitol. blame him and his co-horts.

@IngrahamAngle @GOPLeader Memo from Trump’s appointee telling the National Guard to stand down. Who gave the stand down order?

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@GOPLeader You are a liar! I know the GOP goes low, but to blame the National Guard not being at the capital on Pelosi is sick. You know it isn’t factual, yet you spew it out your pie hole anyway. Stop that!

Pelosi had no authority over the National Guard, that would be the President, who deliberately delayed calling them in for over four hours

Don’t forget. SD Governor Kristi Noem sent National Guard troops to the southern border using a private donation, raising questions about wealthy donors directly shaping national security issues.

Putting aside the fact that Congress does not control the National Guard — the President and Executive Branch do — why would Pelosi be any more responsible than McConnell?

Texas has begun arresting illegal immigrants who are trespassing in Texas or vandalizing property & fences. They are now being sent to this jail rather than being released like the Biden Admin. has been doing. We are adding more officers, National Guard & jails.

National Guard Photo,National Guard Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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