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A hard-fought second place finish for @BrennanPoole as he battled through adversity all night long. @CLTMotorSpdwy | #NCEL200.

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As of tonight, @KyleBusch has won 11 of 21 races he’s entered in this season. He’s won over half the races he’s entered. Also, tonight marked his final @NASCAR_Trucks race of the season. Love him or hate him, that’s some driving right there #NASCAR #NCEL200.

The winner of the #NCEL200, @KyleBusch joins #DialedIn LIVE in studio!.

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The hat dance in full effect. 🔁 @KyleBusch | @KBMteam #NCEL200 | #AmericasHomeForRacing.

High Five for @KyleBusch RACE RECAP & RESULTS: #AskMRN | #NCEL200.

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[email protected] joins @ClaireBLang in studio following the #NCEL200..

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Adding another to this year’s @NASCAR_Trucks 🏆 collection. #NCEL200 | #AmericasHomeForRacing.

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ok so like, when is Kyle gonna get tf out cause this is boring #NASCAR | #NCEL200.

Congrats to @KyleBusch on taking home the trophy at this year’s #NCEL200! @CLTMotorSpdwy.

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Happy Birthday, Brexton! 🥳 #NCEL200 | #AmericasHomeForRacing.

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21. Austin Wayne Self 22. Spencer Boyd 23. Angela Ruch 24. Stefan Parsons 25. Korbin Forrister 26. Gus Dean 27. Tyler Ankrum 28. Josh Reaume 29. Codie Rohrbaugh 30. Camden Murphy 31. Natalie Decker 32. Joe Nemecheck #NASCAR #NCEL200.

A hard-fought second place finish for @BrennanPoole as he battled through adversity all night long. @CLTMotorSpdwy | #NCEL200.

🖐 for 🖐 so far this season! 💯 @KyleBusch earns win No. 2️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ of his career, bringing home the 🏁 in the #NCEL200! #AmericasHomeForRacing.

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LEAD CHANGE 39 TO GO: @KyleBusch outside Rhodes off turn two and says good-bye. Checkmate. #NASCAR | #NCEL200.

Ross Chastain and Tyler Ankrum are 1-2, staying out. 45 to go. 3: A. Hill 4: Sauter 5: AW Self 6: T. Hill 7: Anderson 8: T. Gilliland (Pit-0tires) 9: Ky. Busch (Pit-4tires) 10: Crafton (Pit-4tires) #NCEL200 | #NASCAR.

Stage 1 Results: P1- (88) Crafton - 10 +1PP P2- (4) Gilliland - 9 P3- (98) Enfinger - 8 P4- (99) Rhodes - 7 P5- (45) Chastain - 6 P6- (52) Friesen - 5 P7- (51) Ky. Busch — P8- (2) Creed - 3 P9- (18) Burton - 2 P10- (13) Sauter - 1 #NCEL200.

Matt Crafton wins Stage 1 at Charlotte over , Enfinger, Rhodes, Chastain, Friesen, Kyle Busch, Creed, Burton, and Sauter #NASCAR #NCEL200.

Michael Waltrip: *watches 2 cars merge on the highway* “I can’t believe they didn’t wreck” #NCEL200.

Matt Crafton wins Stage 1 @CLTMotorSpdwy after starting on the pole. This is his first stage win of 2019. #NASCAR | #NCEL200.

[email protected]_Crafton wins Stage 1 of the #NCEL200. @ToddGilliland_ second. 98, 99, 45, 52, 51, 2, 16, and 13 round out the top-10. #NASCAR.

Stage 1: 1: 88 2: 4 3: 98 4: 99 5: 45 6: 52 7: 51 8: 2 9: 18 10: 13 #NCEL200 | #NASCAR.

Stage 1 winner: @Matt_Crafton with a last-turn pass of @ToddGilliland_! #NASCAR | #NCEL200.

There is definitely a universal call for Natalie Decker to be out of a top series NASCAR ride and given to someone who can actually compete it. Decker can still work her way back into NASCAR but she’s gonna need a couple of years in much lower divisions of racing. #NCEL200.

Are there any 40-60 year old creepers on Twitter coming to Decker’s defense? #nascar #NCEL200.

Todd Gilliland, Ben Rhodes and Timmy Hill are the top 3 after staying out. #NCEL200 | #NASCAR.

Well if the rumors are true about RPM shutting down, I know the PERFECT truck Bubba could drive. #NCEL200.

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