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Nebraska fumbles the kick #Gophers recover! We have it at the Husker 19-yard line up 34-0 with 1:28 left in the 3rd quarter. Fumble is under review. #NEBvsMINN.

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I just noticed the digital down and distance markers at the Gophers game. Is this a thing elsewhere? Have I been blind? #NEBvsMINN.

Damn near pitiful! Cornhuskers at Golden Gophers #NEBvsMINN.

I wonder how many Spielmans have made decisions they wish they could change? #teddybridgewater #NEBvsMINN.

This is modern college football. They should have stopped the game so the new Nebraska QB could tweet his emotions about getting sacked. #NEBvsMINN.

Why can’t a Husker QB figure out to run for the first down? Why am I watching this shit? #NEBvsMINN.

These @GopherFootball games are getting progressively more fun to watch with each passing week! #NEBvsMINN.

Soooooo @MarQueisG feel free to give that captains speech every Saturday my man! #NEBvsMINN.

Maybe Frost should have them run wind sprints after the game. #Huskers #NEBvsMINN.

(In the ANY excuse to use this department) ... 34-0 #NEBvsMINN Miss me yet?.

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Nebraska fumbles the kick #Gophers recover! We have it at the Husker 19-yard line up 34-0 with 1:28 left in the 3rd quarter. Fumble is under review. #NEBvsMINN.

Ok, fine, you win, PJ. Gimme an oar. I’ll row your damn boat. #Gophers #NEBvsMINN.

I never expected us to compete with Ohio State but I did expect us to compete with Minnesota #NEBvsMINN.

#NEBvsMINN Nebraska does an unbelievably good job at making mediocre teams look incredible..

I had no idea the Gophers were that much better than Illinois and Northwestern. #NEBvsMINN.

Well that was pathetic!!! Being put coached by a motivational speaker. The guy is nothing more than Joel Osteen. RB are not hitting hole, just dancing. Yet another game the Huskers come out play down to their competition rather than playing like they can and should! #NEBvsMINN.

Wan’Dale was the only reason to continue watching this team. #NEBvsMINN #Huskers.

The Nebraska Huskers offense has been terrible this season. They are losing to the undefeated Minnesota Golden-Gophers 14-0. #NEBvsMINN.

Getting out coached, out hustled, and out coached. And, we are getting out coached. #NEBvsMINN.

@specialpeschel6 At least he understands basic Frost using timeouts when he can’t get the ball back #NEBvsMINN.

I think Frost takes us back to the glory days but right now, watching this team is like going to the dentist. And the dentist is drunk, and on fire🔥🔥🔥 #NEBvsMINN.

Rodney goes over 100 yards tonight after a 23-yard scamper. #Gophers up 14-0 with 33 seconds left in the 2nd quarter. #NEBvsMINN.

what a joke huskers blown out by a lesser team who doesnt pay their hc $5 million a they wanna build $150 million sports complex?! #NEBvsMINN.

How about stop trying to strip the ball and just hit the crap out of #NEBvsMINN.

The coach is not to blame when he has a team of players that don’t know how to even tackle. #NEBvsMINN.

33 degrees and raining is the most brutal sports weather to sit through. I never, ever complained about sitting through any post-August Minnesota sporting event in the dome. #NEBvsMINN.

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