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#LilWayne and #Nelly learning how to use IG live! 😂👀 @liltunechi.

Deaf Jews faced added obstacles when fleeing Nazi Europe. Sisters Nelly and Lilly Rattner and their mother were detained on Ellis Island for five months. They were classified as defective under US immigration law and released only after paying a $2,500 bond..

Nelly Photo,Nelly Photo by US Holocaust Museum,US Holocaust Museum on twitter tweets Nelly Photo

It’s such a MISSED OPPORTUNITY if Muslim biz owners don’t use HALALpeños in their menu should they use jalapeños in their food!! 😂 BRILLIANT gila this Nelly!! 👏🏼.

Lil Wayne & Nelly just 2 legends learning to use IG live‼️😂.

Dr. Nelly Mugo:Persons living with HIV and HPV vaccine efficacy, effectiveness and immunogenicity.

Nelly Photo,Nelly Photo by Sabrina Kitaka,Sabrina Kitaka on twitter tweets Nelly Photo

Ρε σεις κάνω έκκληση ας μαζέψει κάποιος αυτή την Ευδοκία να την κλείσει κάπου να γλιτώσει η ψυχική μας υγεία #shoppingstar.

Bon et bien voilà, une bougie de plus pour mon anniv. Ça ne me rajeunie pas tout ça 🎉🤗🎈🎂🥂.

Nelly Photo,Nelly Photo by Nelly #PowerYourDreams 💚⚽🇨🇵,Nelly #PowerYourDreams 💚⚽🇨🇵 on twitter tweets Nelly Photo

My generation to Nelly Furtado when the Promiscuous video dropped:.

Nelly Photo,Nelly Photo by Brent,Brent on twitter tweets Nelly Photo
Power 106
Power 106

MAANNNNN Lil Wayne & Nelly was trying their BEST to figure out IG LIVE! 😩😂😭.

Lil Wayne & Nelly trying to figure out how to use Instagram Live 💀.

Why is nelly lying lmao Air Force 1s were like $90 a few years ago now they’re 130.

os dentes do Nelly perfeitos plus a grill em baixo 🥺 sexy asffff.

@Kelvin9ice15 @FancyGeorg I no even want make dem love me o dey like wen girls dey in love.

@Melly_daniel01 @nelly_nelz28 Who tell you… David kill person carry him wife God still like am.

@nelly_nelz28 @FancyGeorg She didn’t say she is in love with you ooh my brother 🥹.

@nelly_nelz28 @Ayomide0078 Na him breastfeed pikin in the midnight so he never wake 🤣🤣.

First thing I said “why’s Nelly sparkling” when lil Wayne said it I was gone🤣🤣.

People talking about how Pharrell hasn’t aged a day. Do you guys see Nelly? That man has looked the same way since I first saw him..

Nelly trying to sneak this sparkly ass filter in got me weak 😂he knew that was on.

@nelly_nelz28 @Anezmurphy I cast the weyrey….. social media is misleading people this day… I hate it.

Bloomsburg Fair starts today and they somehow got Nelly to perform this year. Huge deal on WBRE this morning. @wagssid @meraskob.

Man I’ve been fucking dying for minutes straight. I would’ve tripped out. Nigga Nelly childish as hell.

@ownerradikal1 Injih, Boss! #GerakanRakyatLawanRezim #GerakanRakyatLawanRezim Cardi Sophia Merge Nelly Journey.

@nelly_deutekom Gourmet blikjes volgende week bij de AH in de aanbieding en meer soorten kattenvoer en snoepjes, dus Tom en Jerry, geef het maar door aan Nelly.

@PopCulture2000s Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake were the songs I enjoyed most on that list back then..

@schmackhaft069 @RobinUlrich9 er hat aber nen Punkt nur würde ich den monatlichen Test von einer Begleitperson machen lassen ohne die man(n) dann in dem Zeitraum nicht unterwegs sein darf.


Lil Wayne & Nelly Struggle To Figure Out Instagram Live via @HotNewHipHop.

@nelly_deutekom Wel hele leuke namen ! Ik had ook 2 katers met de namen Tommy & Jerry ! 😻.

@VentjeJoris Ik haal de blikjes mousse Gourmet bij Pets place, €0,16 korting per blikje, bij 24 stuks 8 gratis. Kip, tonijn, zalm, rund. Nog meer andere blikjes om te mixen..

@marcospeckel Me encanta esa actitud de los hombres que le dan su merecido a ese HP que parece que no fue parido por una mujer..

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