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David Andrews comienza a usar la bicicleta estacionaria, aunque está inactivo esta noche. #NEvsMIN | #ForeverNE.

Pensé que lo había interceptado Jo Jones. Ya había saltado de la cama. #NEvsMIN #ForeverNE.

La INT de @justjjones que nos dio tres puntitos. #NEvsMIN #ForeverNE.

Bro you can’t tell me that the Vikings OL isn’t holding at all this shit is pathetic #NEvsMIN.

Son muchas malas marcaciones de los oficiales, pero no duden que les den el SB a este grupo nada más por el marcador. #NEvsMIN | #ForeverNE.

Its wild how many no calls the vikings are getting away with this game. Golly #NEvsMIN.

@NFLOfficiating your “refs” in the #NEvsMIN game are really letting their Viking fandom show..

Jakobi Meyers regresó a la banca de los Patriots luego de pasar un rato en los vestidores con el staff médico. #NEvsMIN | #ForeverNE.

Thanksgiving DayにNFLのCM見ていると「クリスマス感」凄い。 #NEvsMIN.

Thank you to @TonyMassarotti for being out on Mac Jones. After yet another premature take by Mazz he was bound to go off. #NEvsMIN.

! QB Mac Jones finds his TE Hunter Henry who runs it 37 yards into the end zone for the TD. #NEvsMIN #Patriots.

There’s been no less than four awful calls in the past 5 minutes. Games can’t be decided like that. #NEvsMIN.

This NE Def playing like straight hot garbage. Utterly disappointing. #NFLThanksgiving #NEvsMIN.

Refs decided the outcome of this one before the game with this hatchet job they are doing to the @Patriots #NEvsMIN.

Los referees están medio ciegos. #Patriots #NEvsMIN Ya van dos decisiones que afectan a los Patriotas..

Face mask nope don’t not a touchdown but was a pass interference nope legs foot tangled what a crock of shit!#NEvsMIN you can’t beat the refs.

バイキングスvsペイトリオッツ視聴終了。面白かったー。ペイトリオッツ戦久々フル視聴だったけど、めちゃくちゃ強くなってた。マック・ジョーンズはロングパスも投げられるようになってたね。WRジェファーソン止めるにはやはりトレヴォン・ディグスぐらいのレベルが必要か。 #NEvsMIN #nfljapan.

@CNN @erindavisnews Allah will help Pakistan by his mercy with powerful Black Jet Fighters, that will help conquer India in the Ghazwa-e-Hind and will later help in reclaiming lost Muslim countries. What are these black jet fighters? The black flags of Khurasan #SKOL #NEvsMIN.

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