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Watch as @TyMajeski goes upside down during this incident in the #NextEra250 at @DISupdates.

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Noah Lewis (NASCAR Writer) ()

[email protected] talks about her history making run following a 5th place finish. #NASCAR #NextEra250

Opinions on NASCAR ()

FOLLOW @MrKSeal & show them the power of NASCAR!!! #NASCAR #NextEra250

Daytona International Speedway ()

No. 9️⃣8️⃣ edged it out tonight 💪 @GrantEnfinger | #NextEra250

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Mark Oliveras ()

NASCAR already starting with this wasting laps BS. HELLO, MIND IF WE GOT GOING?!? #NASCAR #NextEra250

Frontstretch ()

Three more ⁦@NASCAR_Trucks⁩ drivers out of the #NextEra250 at ⁦@DISupdates⁩

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Frontstretch ()

@JohnnySauter is very unhappy with his pit crew and their them use the motherf***ing 13 @DISupdates #NextEra250

Motorsports Tribune ()

Stage 1 goes to @rileyherbst Followed by Ankrum, Eckes, Moffitt, Sauter, Friesen, Hill, Enfinger, Lessard and Gilliland Photo: @TheLTFiles #NASCAR #NextEra250

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Cathy Brown 🏁 💻 ✍🏽🎙️ ()

Johnny Sauter and I are proof that real Catholics have potty mouths And, I love #NASCAR #NextEra250

Sarah Handy ()

[email protected] has been evaluated and released from the infield care center. #NASCAR #NextEra250

Justin Melillo ()

Tanner Gray in the pits here, pitted while pits were closed. #NextEra250 | @DISupdates | #NASCAR

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NASCAR Gander Trucks ()

Watch as @TyMajeski goes upside down during this incident in the #NextEra250 at @DISupdates.

Weston Atwood ()

At the pay window, my money’s on @GrantEnfinger to win this one #NASCAR #NextEra250

World of Racing ()

lasts years #NextEra250 set a series Daytona record of 11 field with lots of rookies tonight 🤔 over/under what’s your guess?

Front Row Motorsports ()

This guy can probably give some pretty good superspeedway advice. 😉 @ToddGilliland_ chats with his father @DavidGilliland before climbing in for the #NextEra250.

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Daytona International Speedway ()

✨ Shining bright under the lights! ✨ @NASCAR_Trucks | #NextEra250

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🏁 E. J. K. 🏁 ()

And was out of that truck like 6 races later. #nascar #NextEra250

Adam Peele ()

Track will be ready to race around 8:20pm ET, according to those who are drying the track. #NextEra250 #NASCAR

Frontstretch ()

Good news on the track drying efforts @DISupdates, the racing surface itself is all but done. Efforts focused on pit road and pit road entry. #NextEra250

Khloe Yunker ()


Justin ()

NASCAR could literally up the Truck playoff field to 30 drivers & Michael Waltrip would say he loves it. 😅 #nascar #Nextera250

Beth Lunkenheimer ()

Current situation at @DISupdates ahead of the @NASCAR_Trucks race. #NASCAR #NextEra250

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Frontstretch ()

Driver intros for the #NextEra250 @DISupdates are underway. Track drying still going near turn 1 and on the backstretch.

Andy Roberts ()

Air Titans at @DISupdates working hard so we can get the #NextEra250 started! #NASCAR

Noah Lewis (NASCAR Writer) ()

A few extremely light sprinkles here at @DISupdates. Track drying continues after that shower. #NASCAR #NextEra250

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Kentucky Speedway ()

Valentines Day? Naaaah, @NASCAR_Trucks day. ♥️ Tune in at 7:30 for the #NextEra250 at @DISupdates!

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Ants ()

February 14th, 2020 To Win the #NextEra250 Sauter +1000 Crafton +1200 Enfinger +1600 Nemechek +1800 Rhodes +2000 #NASCARpicks

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Peter Stratta ()

Rain has hit the Daytona area, but track drying is well-underway @DISupdates, odds of racing tonight for the @NASCAR_Trucks are high. #NextEra250 | #NASCAR

Who Trended it ? ()

Guess what. @KBMteam and @NASCAR_Trucks are responsible for trending #NextEra250 in America. I have spoken.

Chicagoland Speedway ()

Truck yeah!!!! Tune in to the #NextEra250 at 6:30 pm on FS1!

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Daytona International Speedway ()

The @NASCAR_Trucks are moving in! 🤩 #NextEra250 | #SpeedweeksByAdventHealth

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