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Tom Brady retires. The NFC South is now officially in a race to find a quarterback..

I don’t care how old Tom Brady was this season. He was still the best QB in the NFC South and his retirement makes things a bit easier for the Saints. Side note: what a damn career for TB12..

When was the last time every single team in a division had a question mark at quarterback? Wild offseason coming for the NFC.

Brady’s done. Falcons are who they are. Carolina starting over. If the Saints can just get out of their own way, the NFC south is theirs for the taking again. Can’t miss opportunities the way they did this past season. #whodat⚜️.

Tom Brady is gone From field to booth, finally Mute button needed.

Which team should be favored to win the NFC South now that Tom Brady is out of the division?.

Taysom Hill is currently the best QB in the NFC South, and thats not hyperbole..

Every team in the NFC South right now is like, We may not be good, but these other three teams are so bad lol this division is ours for the taking.

If you had to boil down the pathetic wasteland the NFC has become recently, it would be the NFC South. They perfectly embody the rudderless mediocrity we’ve grown accustomed to from that conference in the past year..

Glad he had the self-awareness to know joke about a second retirement and that he already had a long video goodbye last year. Seems sincere. I’ll miss the longevity of greatness, won’t miss him in the NFC South..

“I’m retiring…for good.” Brady says he’s done after 23 seasons and 7 Super Bowl rings. On a related note, the NFC South is now officially up for the taking..

Fiction. They all suck so the NFC south goes through whatever team the division winner has to play wildcard weekend.

@camjordan94 Let’s face it, Sean Era was the highest era of NFC South, every team reached Super Bowl. Of all the greats who played in the height of that era pretty sure your only one left (not counting Julio’s return, cause he deserves to have us forget it).

@alexinsdorf99 lol oil and water. Man won the NFC south, and won a playoff game with the ghost of Drew Brees and Taysom Hill starting for 6 games or whatever it was in 2020..

@MattEcakes2281 @QBsMVP The NFC South, for sure. The Conference? I’m not so sure. You also have to take into consideration the intangibles and leadership it takes to lead a locker room. The standard has been set. It’s gonna be tough for the next QB..

Tom Brady announces retirement (for good). Twitter reacts to the news + a look at what this means for the NFC South ⬇️.

Yesssirrrr best new of the day so far for sure! We bout to run the NFC South #KeepPounding.


The entire NFC south is about to be fighting over Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s a nasty world out here..

Crazy to think that either Jameis Winston or Desmond Ridder is the best QB in the NFC South now..

Unless something unforeseen happens, anything less than an NFC South title is a failure by Frank Reich and the Panthers. Not a fireable one, but still a failure..

Quarterbacks that might be on the move should fight like hell to get to the NFC South because that division is wide open.

So with Tom Brady retiring, probably a safe bet that the NFC South is the most quarterback-poor division in the league..


Brady is “retiring” … yeahhhhhh ookkkk. He’s gonna see LBJ pass Kareem and be like: “Awh man, seeing LBJ just motivated me to keep going & to keep pushing for greatness” I need this man man out of the NFC South.

I feel very confident when I saw Desmond Ridder is QB1 on the NFC South!!! That’s our QB! #dirtybirds.

Tom Brady retires leaves the NFC South with the worst QBs in the history of Pro Football..

@TomBrady Class Act!! TB12 thank you for your time here in the Bay area. 3 straight playoff appearances, back2back NFC South Champs and 1 Superbowl Championship. Nicely done Sir! The NFL world will miss you! I know NE and TB will. Stay safe my friend. #THEGOAT.

NFC South Starting QBs Falcons Desmond Ridder/Marcus Mariota Bucs Kyle Trask Panthers Matt Corral/Jacob Eason Saints Jameis Winston.

@MilestonesMotor Ya late 90s was a mess in that division. Hopefully it’s not that way for more than another season in the NFC south..

@MySportsUpdate Nfc south it literally up and open for years to come. Panthers going to trade up for the QB and take over the division.

NFC South Quarterbacks Saints - Taysom Hill Falcons - Desmond Ridder Panthers - Sam Darnold Buccaneers - Blaine Gabbert.

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