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Donald Trump said he didn’t know who David Duke was. He said he doesn’t know who Nick Fuentes is. Next he’ll tell us he never heard of Adolph Hitler..

Remarkable how Mar-a-Lago is supposedly so secure that there’s no issue with Trump storing classified docs — but so easy to access that Kanye West can walk in for dinner with Nick Fuentes.

Kevin McCarthy can’t denounce Trump’s dinner with known white nationalist Nick Fuentes because if he did, McCarthy would also have to call out his new boss MTG.

Nick Fuentes Photo,Nick Fuentes Photo by Eric Swalwell,Eric Swalwell on twitter tweets Nick Fuentes Photo

To all those who profess to condemn antisemitism among our leaders, but are quiet when Holocaust denier/white supremacist Nick Fuentes and avowed antisemite Kanye West are welcomed to dinner by Donald Trump: your silence is deafening. Speak out now by name or don’t speak at all..

dave chappelle loves to go twitter is not real life while his friend is spitroasting nazi catboys with nick fuentes cuz he read twitter too much.

Of course Cassandra Fairbanks would call Nick Fuentes a “controversial commentator.”.

Kanye West campaigning with Nick Fuentes and Milo just delegitimized his presidential campaign. At this point, @kanyewest might as well add @AnnCoulter to his campaign team. She would look like a moderate, compared to Nick Fuentes and Milo. That should add some balance I guess..

Nick Fuentes getting fans to jump a few black people for walking down the wrong street Omg! This guy must be stopped..

Kanye West brings Nazi Nick Fuentes to Trump’s house and Elon Musk brings Nazi Nick Fuentes and Trump back to Twitter’s house. The House GOP prophecy tweet about these three should have had .Fuentes too..

@elonmusk This meme has become the go to of white supremacists like Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Please do not propagate its usage..

It’s not only that Nick Fuentes is antisemitic, racist and hates women. He talks about bringing us back “to the Middle Ages.” We’re talking about very radical stuff that you’d hope would be considered on the lunatic fringe:.

the fascist being nick fuentes, who last week said to send the military into black neighborhoods to kill people.

@kate_ross_ @kanyewest I dont know about Nick Fuentes enough, but is his podcast named America First?.


the publicity angle is obvious but I wonder if it means Nick Fuentes is recruiting Black Israelite types his efforts to recruit socialcons ain’t going so great so he’s gotta sell tickets to AFPAC somehow, and face it there are probably more of those guys than white nationalists.

nick fuentes and kanye west running together is literally the end of it all.

Trump hosts Holocaust revisionist Nick Fuentes and Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago.

The fact that Nick Fuentes went from underground right-wing celebrity to going dinner with Trump and Kanye West will never stop being funny to me..

@adam22 Adam u had a great interview with Nick Fuentes and seemed to agree with him about most things.

Nick Fuentes is an open and proud white supremacist, and there is a big issue with mainstream Republicans cozying up to the alt right. Their dangerous ideology seeks to unravel the fabric of all the societal progress that has been made in the past 50 years. We must speak out..

@kanyewest, @realDonaldTrump, and Nick Fuentes meeting may prove to be as significant as 2016..

@elonmusk How about a monthly twitter debate series! Intelligent, Oxford style debates that tackle todays biggest issues. I would love to see Mehdi Hasan vs Nick Fuentes on the topic of free speech #VoxPopuliVoxDei.

Trump talks with white nationalist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago dinner.

@BeschlossDC TRUMP WILL HANG OUT WITH ANYONE WHO WILL SUCK UP TO HIM. He has pandered to Racists, and White Supremacy Groups, like the Proud Boys, because they are his Voters* Trump will sell his (Soul) for his own personal gain and power..

@JesseKellyDC you already said everything that needed to be said in the first tweet - why even post this second one? Is this your “slick” way of getting away with condemning Nick Fuentes? Seems like you practice the very same “eunuch mentality” that you are complaining about..

GOP, Trump’s possible challengers in 2024 blast the dinner with Nick Fuentes.

Nick Fuentes Photo,Nick Fuentes Photo by WWNC,WWNC on twitter tweets Nick Fuentes Photo

The depressing truth is that any GOP efforts to hold Trump accountable for meeting with antisemites Kanye West and Nick Fuentes will inevitably lead to a backlash – against American Jews, and Jewish Republicans in particular @jonathans_tobin Opinion.

Donald Trump repeatedly refused to disavow the outspoken antisemite and white supremacist Nick Fuentes after they spoke over dinner at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Trump rejected the advice from advisers over fears he might alienate a section of his base.

Donald Trump’s Dinner with White Supremacist Nick Fuentes and Rapper Ye Is Criticized by Republicans #trumpcrimefamily.

@BPCBT @SadoLogan Well, Trump hemorrhages the moderate/independent vote already, and siding with an extremist like Nick Fuentes is not going to help anything. Kanye I’m not that concerned about..

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