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Confira imagens da mansão de luxo de Normani que está a venda por R$ 21 milhões. Localizada em Los Angeles, a propriedade de 455 m² possui 6 quartos e 7 banheiros. 👇🧶.

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as vezes me sinto como a cantora normani que lançou uma música com o título motivação e sumiu.

The only pple who deserve to be on this list are Normani and Coco Jones. Everyone else has no business here. None..

🚨URGENTE: ativei o arquétipo normani e olha no que deu… não lancei nenhum álbum.

I don’t wanna see no damn zendaya, chloe bailey, normani, or even coco jones as Princess Tiana . I want them to cast a talented undiscovered darkskinned girl who is hungry for a lead role!.

L’intérêt de mettre des lightskin pour jouer un afro américaine issue de deux parent noir ? Je comprendrais jamais, on tolère juste normani et coco jones le reste c’est NON.

@stillnotziora I say Normani is the perfect candidate. Because these complexions honey? No hate, no tea no shade, but ZENDAYA? Jenna ORTEGA???? Hell even Chloë. Representation of darker melanin is very much needed in Hollyweird. Not It girls stealing opportunities from them..

@mazzypopstar Camila actually does well despite the hate, Normani just needs to get her shit together, Lauren is hit or miss, Dinah’s been GONE for 3-4 years, Ally only gets attention when she makes TikTok’s about a 5H reunion. Is it time?.

normani would be perfect since she’s actually from new orleans but if not her then coco but everybody else be so fr especially if it’s jenna 😭.

Coco Jones or Normani get everybody off this list before I knock all this shit over.

A live-action remake of ‘THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG’ is reportedly in development. Disney is currently searching for writers and a director. Normani and Coco Jones seem to be the fan favourites to play Tiana 🧚🏾‍♀️.

Normani Photo,Normani Photo by Pharaoh Diaries™️Magazine,Pharaoh Diaries™️Magazine on twitter tweets Normani Photo

All fairness her unreleased slaps 😭 Normani - (SOMEBODY ELSE) UNRELEASED.

@mazzypopstar I always liked normani has potential but that album is non existent (just like their careers😭).

gfriend was breaking records with tftmn when this was now they disbanded.

Ryan destiny or coco jones idk why the top 3 & normani there 😭😭.

@mazzypopstar @itszaeok Normani ain’t a flop tho😭😭 she just waiting for the label to green light the album era.

THE WOMAN WHO VOICED HER, fuck wrong w yall 💆🏽‍♀️ .. or normani or coco.

Coco Jones hands down, plus outside of Normani the rest of them don’t look like her at all! Idk who is on the top right but I’m gettin racially ambiguous, not Black.

For a while it used to be Normani for me bit miss yeah.

Normani could 100% make a hit but she refuses to release anything. Like girl if you don’t put out that album already 😭.

@TiaMonettelove @featurespice Ryan or Normani. Idk i love coco but i feel like her accent wouldn’t fit the bill. Normani has that deep deep fit just for a new orleans environment.

@TheoraticalSlut ça aurait pu être normani puisque qu’elle est n’est a new orleans etcc l’histoire aurait pu grave match mais la voix de coco jones convient parfaitement.

@iMallyUK Normani literally has the whole package to be the next Beyoncé i don’t understand what isn’t clicking!!!.

a única que combina pra fazer esse papel é a do meio na fileira de baixo. zendaya não é retinta, a do meio na fileira de cima tbm não é, a KKKKKKKKKK Aiai, esse ar de princesa da Disney não combina com a normani e o rosto da chloe lembra o da halle (por elas serem irmãs).

@Ummm_Carricakes @ceoLaYne My vote would be CoCo or Normani but Chloe’s voice >>>.

Feel like Normani and Coco the best options here, Chloe would be solid. Not sure why the top row is even in question tho 😂.

The only options would be Coco Jones, Normani or Anika Noni Rose….👀 y’all tried it..

normani got a head just like the cartoon. but coco can sang, so ryan destiny..

@featurespice if it’s not coco, normani, ryan destiny, or ms. anika rose herself then I DONT WANT IT!.

I wrote this song that I think is perfect for just putting it out there in the Universe because God loves me..

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