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I’m still shakingggggg. I love you guys so much 💕😭🥺 all of this love I can’t.

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people telling Normani not to make pop music are the same people who told Chloe x Halle to make pop music. It’s never enough and people always wanna put black women in a box that theyre used to. They can do whaTEEEEEEVER they want..

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@Normani a atteint les 4,5 millions d’abonnés sur Instagram..

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normani did her damn thing and she deserves all the fame and praise shes getting from it! fifth harmony is in the PAST! but normani fans vs camila fans is so gross and im so tired of seeing two successful female artists constantly being compared and pit against each other!.

The Mortivation video is my favourite thing to watch in the morning. Normani did da damn ting w/ the choreo.

@Normani this is what motivation did to us, and u can keep my wig 🗣.

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The Playlist: Unreleased John Coltrane, and 9 More New Songs.

Normani doesn’t have any memorable music. Like I don’t remember the words or even the time of the music video she just dropped but I remember the video itself, I remember them dances, I remember her as person, her stage presence, allat but her music itself? Not really.

I’m not here for Normani bc she’s a black dark skin girl. I’m not here for Normani because the music is simply not there. The same can be said as the equally talented and beautiful Tinashe, and Cassie, and Rita Ora. Talented but the music isn’t showcasing that..

Normani!!!! 🥵 the replay value on that video is crazy. I haven’t watched a music video this many times in so long..

até ontem nunca tinha escutado a normani agora eu tô dando stream em motivation que nem uma fodida pois qUE CLIPE maravilhoso !!.

@hotboyleil the other songwriter said it wasn’t and that they all wrote it for normani.

normani and taylor swift saved the music industry for us. i thought we were going downhill until motivation and lover.

querem comparar os números da normani com os da taylor e da miley que são cavalas velhas na indústria, já tem um publico fixo e são mais do que consolidadas.

@AsliYonce @pinkish_throne All the Hive I followed have been praising the video. What are they talking about. Some were even defending Normani against Swifties. They want so bad for Bey/Normani to be another Nicki/Cardi.

So based on how much attention this got I hope this tells normani stans that not all hive are mad and problematic over ha 💚💚.

Sim eu to surtando com esse momento da normani, mas eu to tão triste!! selena n me alimenta.

Okay Normani is ignoring me so won’t go to the gonna stream motivation harder tho #MotivationOUTNOW.

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Motivation od @Normani aktualnie znajduje się na #10 w iTunes Poland🇵🇱.

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Lover tá boa demais mesmo, mo. Ouça tbm a da Miley (Slide Away) e a da Normani (Motivation). Acho que a da Mani n… — Já ouvi as três kkkkkk Dei stream pras três haha. Mas lover é muito meu xodó 💙🥰.

Normani has 6M views on youtube and is still trending number 1 worldwide!😍 we love to see it.

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@Normani has gained my follow bc i cant get out of my head her new song motivation 💗🌟✨💗.

thoughts on motivation and normani? — i love her and the song. she has so much potential.

@Ludmilla Nega, tava pensando Tu podia fazer um feat com a Normani né, imagina essas duas beldades me fazendo bater o cabelo e rebolar a raba.

overwhelmed by all of your love 🖤✨ safe to say that I’m not emotionally stable at the moment. ily so much !!!!! thank youuuuuu.

I’m still shakingggggg. I love you guys so much 💕😭🥺 all of this love I can’t.

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