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  • La policía atiende un reporte de un sujeto armado en Northwestern University, Chicago. https://t.co/vgzU5OZmX6.

  • @realDonaldTrump Just checked and even though the Northwestern University shooter may have been a hoax you still should have addressed it..

  • 芝加哥西北大学今天有人带电话📞谎报在校内有个持枪的人,警察叔叔搜查后认为这是谎报警情。 https://t.co/JDw4muCM2R.

  • La policía atiende un reporte de un sujeto armado en Northwestern University, Chicago. https://t.co/urRrTCcJFz.

  • At least 1 shot in a residence Hall at Northwestern University per Evanston PD, suspect barricaded in the building. @StephenAtHome @TrainingCEO.

  • WLS News Live Streaming Video Northwestern University Person Reported With Gun: https://t.co/QsfOi4eFk9 via @abc7chicago.

  • So far, no evidence of a shooter or victim found on the Northwestern campus, but officials warning to still stay away from the area. No all-clear issued from university officials #Northwestern @chicagotribune https://t.co/1NpmBIUuP8.

  • @loganchase28 Sadly we have a live shooter not far from me at northwestern university near Chicago right now. Have fun today Hugs.

  • @KZizic Because the walk out was high school students, and Northwestern is a university? Come on man, you’ve got to up your game if you are going to troll!.

  • "Northwestern University" is a #GunFreeZone ... so ... #Hoax https://t.co/nMK5MIeUNt.

    Northwestern University twitter.
  • Ugh. The earlier reported gunman on Northwestern’s campus turned out to be a swatting hoax, per police https://t.co/eZldAKEGxx.

  • This is not funny. Who does this type of prank?... https://t.co/Kh0hYZQYbm.

  • https://t.co/vBvPQsQLCt.

  • Police say they have found "no evidence" of victim or gunman after reports of shots fired at Northwestern University graduate dorm https://t.co/w3FCD7Pnp8.

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