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Jetro Willems confirms he wants to remain at #NUFC on a permanent basis.

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Alan Graham ()

@TopOTGoths Typical. If a white man picks a fight with a black man it’s racist. If a black man picks a fight with a white man it’s just a fight. You’re an idiot #nufc

Kevin Busby ()

@stevewraith Sadly he’s just not good enough & no way did his club receive £40m from #nufc there’s an agent out there with a very big smile on his face and a very healthy bank account. Head of recruitment should be sacked for giving this the green light.

John ()

Wow! Few players had a massive bust up with Steve Bruce after yesterday’s game & fans & players squaring up to each other on the train. Mackem boy Danny Rose was close to battering one I hear #NUFC

Alan B NUFC ()

@ChronicleNUFC Headlines should be: “Head coach of NUFC admits he CANT Coach”!!!!!

Pete Bravey ()

The Reality of playing in the #EPL It’s not as easy as it’s made out to be - looked a great technical addition to the side in the 1st half, defensive work found out in the 2nd. Needs time to adjust, Will the #nufc fans give him it?

Skeems ()

@Geoff_NUFC Enjoyed meeting up with you and the boys yesterday mate, thanks for all the beers, feeling a bit rough this morning though!

Topatha Gorths at law ()

This Bentaleb? #NUFC fans trying to whitewash good black football players is qwhite disgusting.

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Disillusioned Mag ⚫⚪ ()

An important cog in a team that hardly scores any goals, we need an out and out striker #NUFC

Chris Waugh ()

If you want to read this interview with Jetro Willems & to gain access to all the #NUFC & PL content you can get 40% off an @TheAthleticUK subscription by visiting today

United against one man #ashleyout ()

That tight knit group that Rafa pulled together, does not look so tight knit anymore! #bruceout #nufc

Dan Potrescu 🇬🇧 (filthy piece of toe rag) ()

@Ndombaldy @OJ30THFC Starting on the toon players because they lost away to Arsenal. Get a grip mate, the only disgrace in that carriage is getting hoyed out of it! #NUFC

The Chronicle ()

Jetro Willems confirms he wants to remain at #NUFC on a permanent basis.

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Gianfranco Shola ()

It’s funny that there are rumours of Bruce losing the dressing room, if you watch Ritchie (who for me typifies a) the dressing room atmosphere and b) typically respectful of managers) coming on yesterday you could see the utter resentment for Bruce, rolling his eyes etc #nufc


Why does bruce mention rafa after every game in the presser? Is steve bruce secretly running the rafa-facts account? @FactsRafa is that you steve? #nufc

Craig Thomson ()

@geordiedentist ‘Cans’ will never be used. Sullivan & Gold are in their 80s & @MoneyMikeAshley will stay at least that long & will pass the club down to his family. Ashley’s will own this club for 100 years.#nufc

United against one man #ashleyout ()

Absolutely no way do the players behave like that when Benitez is in charge. Bruce has no discipline. Allows them to travel separately after a week off! Blokes a 🤡#nufc

EastAsianMags ()

#NUFC have been a mess from front to back this season - throw in huge slices of luck also. Dubravka has kept us in many a game which says alot about where we are on the pitch. Attitude has to change - if your keeper is making the most saves it is not a good sign.

EastAsianMags ()

Again Im amazed by how let off Steve Bruce has been by the media so far this season - if he wasnt all pally with the lot of them, or if some of them had the guts to stand up to the club during press conferences, ask serious questions (then follow up questions) id be shocked #NUFC

Dan Holmes 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

Reports players falling out with Bruce, some getting the train back instead of going with the squad, players squaring up to fans. This is not my club. Fans have the right to be angry but aim it at the right people nufc

Liga Perdana Inggeris 🇲🇾 ()

MASA PENUH @Arsenal 4-0 @NUFC Mikel Arteta akhirnya berjaya mencatat kemenangan kedua dalam saingan liga sejak menjadi ketua jurulatih the Gunners. Auba, Pepe, Ozil, dan Laca membalas kepercayaan Arteta dengan masing-masing menjaringkan 1 gol pada separuh masa kedua. #LPIMY

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️ @Arsenal go back to winning ways with a 4-0 win over @NUFC.

Vrutant Mehta ()

Unpopular Opinion: Saint Maximim is massively underrated. What an amazing player he is, absolute baller 💯 #ARSNEW #NUFC

Tony Cittadino ()

#PremiereLeague ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | El @Arsenal goleó al @NUFC y volvió a ganar tras cinco partidos |

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Newcastle United News ()

Nicolas Pepe tipped to emulate Thierry Henry at Arsenal after inspiring Newcastle win

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TFGSoccerClub ()

[email protected] continued to show improvement under Mikel Arteta as a second-half blitzing of @NUFC gave them a 4-0 win at the Emirates Stadium.

Neil Hindson ()

Bruce says we have have to keep reminding Joelinton he has to get in the box. That’s 40 million pound striker Joelinton. Didn’t have to remind Shearer, Ferdinand, Cole & Kelly. Even Reilly and Cunningham got in the box. #nufc

Isaac Hayden Appreciation Society ()

The meltdown after losing a game on here is hilarious. Yes it was 4-0 but, it was Arsenal away. How many times have we beaten them? Even at home? Shit 2nd half and 4 goals flattered them immensely. Palace away is the much bigger game. Time to move on #NUFC

Lewis Needham ()

2 days, 2 games, 2 new grounds, 0 points. Order is restored. I hate the south. #bcafc #nufc

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Mark ()

This form isn’t new. None of this is a shock. We’ve seen this coming for months. How we’re on 31 points after what we’ve witnessed this season is a mystery to anybody who watches us every week. There is absolutely no plan and a complete reliance on hope. #nufc

Craig Middleton ()

@lee_ryder He loves blaming everyone but himself doesn’t he. Longstaff brothers, Rafa, the fans and now his striker that he was utterly delighted with during the transfer window. The epitome of a true yes man. Please pass that on to him rather than your usual nicey nicey questions #nufc

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