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Ultra 3-1 Surge NYSL 3-0 OpTic Faze 3-1 Thieves Ultra 3-2 NYSL Ultra 3-2 Thieves Book it.


Menace on Twitter, even bigger menace to society. 😈 @gurshVE | #NYSL.

GG’s OpTic best of luck in the rest of the tournament to them. Proud is an understatement for how I feel about the team. From the brink of not even qualifying for this event to turning themselves into a true contender. Peaks & valleys Good bye Vanguard ✌️ #NYSL #StandClear.

Obviously not the result NYSL were hoping for, but their run to even be at Champs will forever be iconic..

LETS GO OPTIC. Crowd was unbelievable after the win against NYSL 🔥 #OpTic #OpTicTexas.

NYSL Photo,NYSL Photo by OpTic VALORANT,OpTic VALORANT on twitter tweets NYSL Photo

@Subliners @OpTicTexas I’ve been seeing Comments That are attacking the Subliners after this loss but NYSL did the impossible. Made a Story to Champs when we had the lowest Chance to Make it. We will be Better Next Year #NYSL #StandClear NYSL Fan for Life!.


@KiSMET6_ You were a breath of fresh air for the franchise as a whole, love watching your gameplay and seeing the energy on stage. Made NYSL fans out of a lot of ppl.

@HyDrAnml You made strides man. A #CDL2022 All-Star ⭐️ Hope to see you back in a Subliners jersey next season! #NYSL.

@maloney @Crimsix I know the weekend isn’t over but I already miss nysl maloney 💛 thanks for it all brother 🫡.

@Subliners @OpTicTexas 💔 but I’m still super proud of the boys with that Cinderella story to get to champs. I wasn’t a fan of NYSL until this year but I’m proud to say you gained a supporter. It sucks when the 2 teams you root for have to play each other but that’s how it goes. #NYSL.

Proud to call myself a #NYSL fan. Gonna keep rooting for this team 💛 Hopefully MWII goes our way. #StandClear.

@Subliners @OpTicTexas Thank you guys for a Cinderella of a season WE WILL BE BACK GL TO OG #NYSL #StandClear.

First off, way to bounce back @OpTicTexas. Second off, way to prove you didn’t belong here @Subliners. You’re FINISHED. DONE. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. OpTic with some utter DOMINANCE to sweep NYSL. #CDLChamps OpTic CAME TO PLAY!.

NYSL Photo,NYSL Photo by Tame-SZN,Tame-SZN on twitter tweets NYSL Photo

@mateochoo Optic and Nysl match had a 2 hour delay which ended with optic sweeping Nysl 3-0.

@Parasite Didn’t really how bad that actually would be till I read it. 🫤 I feel for the #NYSL boys. Nobody wants to lose at champs. All that work they did, it’s just tough. 🫤.

@Crimsix Your the GOAT and you will always be the Goat to us You made a Run in Major IV making it into Champs when we had the lowest percentage to even make it Next Year we will be Better! #NYSL #CrimsixTheGoat.

@seasonedbread Everything has legit been the opposite lmfao. Aches said 3-0 Nysl but it was 3-0 Optic and he said 3-1 Ultra but it waw 3-1 Surge. Hope that trend continues so Lat can make gf.

@ACHES Aches is actually 10,000 IQ but then you gotta subtract some when it says Ultra vs NYSL and Ultra vs FaZe. Must have been a typo. Got you fam 🤝🏼.

@FormaL Of course. They acted more professional than the company actually running the event. Complete joke of a stall that we witnessed there. The boys weren’t gonna let nysl get away with such a blatant and intentional delay.

En même temps très déçu pour notre petit crack français Hydra qui voit le titre de champion du monde lui glisser entre les doigts 😩 #NYSL.


L’incroyable chemin de NYSL pour les Playoffs s’achève ici, ils finissent top 5-6 après une saison pleine de rebondissements. Bilan positif pour cette saison surtout considérant tous les accomplissements de ce roster en si peu de temps. Attention au roster mania #CDLChamps #NYSL.

@Subliners choked so hard, hurts to see @Crimsix go out like that. Disappointing. #nysl #cdlchamps.

@TheFlank Now we wait for an @ACHES excuse as to why OpTic slammed NYSL. 😂 All love tho!.

@sizySZN Facts I feel that gives the team a big boost… NYSL is nasty at control too.

@GGBreakingPoint shock with how optic look coming in it very disappointing showing by.

@Swiz___ Bro with how die hard they go? Na that shit is weird seeing kids with faze hats, LAT jerseys, and then showing up the next day with optic or nysl stuff. Weird bro that’s called trying to fit in.

@Subliners @OpTicTexas NYSL is chalked what should NY DO. 1. Rebuild around C6/HyDra You need solid players not mid-season fill ins 2. Better game planing and better coaching. You need to make your opponent play at the pace you set. 3. You need to Rebrand Because Subliners is a dumb name for Esports.

@Crimsix As an Optic fan, I am actually a c6 fan too bud! This title is pretty trash. Regardless, beginning of the year NYSL was looking super Grimm but y’all made champs! Head up and get the grind next year!.

@Crimsix not gonna lie and say I was rooting for NYSL but this can be your worst year and you still handled shit. GGs y’all had a Cinderella year..

@PaulEhx_ Paul you’re a fucking beast!!! Thanks for lighting that fire in NYSL and bringing us one entertaining year!!.

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