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Please pray for the Muslim community in New Zealand. Shootings at two mosques has left 40-50 injured and multiple dead. #NZMosqueShooting.

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Police Commissioner just confirmed #NZMosqueShooting was carried out solo. Others arrested released or charged with offences not related to the attack..

@ChelseaClinton @vivafalastin I’m a proud member of outrage twitter, and I have my own feelings about who does and doesn’t bear responsibility for the #NZMosqueShooting, but my god. There was nothing wrong with that exchange on either side..

lmao heard I get 14 years in jail for distributing this good luck extraditing me #NZMosqueShooting.

@DonaldJTrumpJr @ChelseaClinton Problem is, the #NZMosqueShooting manifesto has your daddy name written all over it!.

Could the news and media be anymore wrong about something if they tried. This confirms to me this guy is a massive troll. He doesnt give a shit. He is a dog and is literally doing this to cause outrage. #NewZealand #NZMosqueShooting.

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#NZMosqueShooting Another left-wing lunatic, not a Trump supporter, not a Conservative..

can we call white supremacists WHITE-SIS now? #NZMosqueShooting #ChristchurchAttack.

Whataboutizm Merciless, compassionless response to #49lives #NZMosqueShooting.

@TIME No matter religion, no matter where you are from, it matters love for human people #NZMosqueShooting #n.

تو نے کیا دیکھا نہیں مغرب کا جمہوری نظام چہرہ روشن، اندرون چنگیز سے تاریک تر! Shameful douuble standards in Western discourse. #NZMosqueShooting.

क्रिया की प्रतिक्रिया... जो जागता है वो जीतता है, जो सोता है वो हारता है। #NZMosqueShooting #MainBhiChowkidar.

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@Xadeejournalist We, Pakistanis, should demand lowering of the flag in honour of those who lost their lives in #NZMosqueShooting..

How disgusting is this? People murdered and politicians think they can just throw on a hijab for likes. Not even bothering to cover her neck. #NZShame #NZMosqueShooting.

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Can anyone explain why #Tarrant making the white supremacist hand signal was blurred out on tv ??????? Channel 9 showed it then removed it for some reason. #NZMosqueShooting.

Now that newspaper headlines are coming in, i hate how the media is trying to make the public sympathize with the terrorist by saying things like “ his father died of cancer”. Stop, it’s white supremacy and it’s wrong . Let’s not give space for any of that. #NZMosqueShooting.

May Allah have mercy and forgive all those killed in the New Zealand massacre. We ask Allah to continue to protect the Muslims around the world with safety and security. #NZMosqueShooting.

Müslüman kılığına girip terör eylemi yaparak din düşmanlığını körüklemek 2050 yılında Dünya da en fazla müslüman olacağının tespit edilmesi ile mi çıktı bu hain planlar? #NewZealand #NZMosqueShooting.

Terrorist.! Has No Religion Neither A Country nor A Identity. They can kill Muslim But, Never A Islam May Allah give them Highest Place in Jannah Which Muslim Got Killed In #NZMosqueShooting Allah is Watching Everything, Now Terrorist Get Ready For What going to be With you.👿.

This is an official press release from Fraser Anning, an Australian Senator about the #NZMosqueShooting. It is absolutely one of the most anti-Muslim and bigoted things I’ve read from a politician, and to come after a terrorist attack — unbelievable..

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Please pray for the Muslim community in New Zealand. Shootings at two mosques has left 40-50 injured and multiple dead. #NZMosqueShooting.

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