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Since 2007, the Leafs and Oilers have combined to win one playoff series. These are some of the most passionate fan bases in hockey. Some of the best players in the world are on their rosters. Enough is enough. I wish nothing but comfortable victories for both teams tonight..

Kempe pointing to his ear after the goal is just to perfect. Wondering if he saw @ryanwhitney6’s video on the jumbotron to Oilers faithful and figured he’d taunt him on his way out of town. I guess we’ll never know. Makes you think though. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #GoKingsGo.

The Oilers are somehow down just one goal in a game they’re being outshot 40-18 through 40 minutes. What a crazy game. Last shot wins..

Last time the Flames and Oilers met in the playoffs, Jaromir Jagr was a rookie. Now he’s 50. That’s what 31 years later looks like..

Oilers Photo,Oilers Photo by Darren Haynes,Darren Haynes on twitter tweets Oilers Photo

The #Oilers have signed forward prospect & 2020 fourth-round pick Carter Savoie to a three-year entry-level contract starting in 2021-22! ✍️ The St. Albert, AB product recorded 65 points in 63 games for @DU_Hockey & has been with the @Condors on an amateur tryout since April 18..

🔁 #Oilers roster move 🔁 Philip Broberg has been recalled from the @Condors. #LetsGoOilers.

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That was an atrocious period for the Oilers. A team wanting better starts, in their most important game of the year threw out one of their most lacklustre 20 mins of play in a long time. Turnovers, missed passes, lost battles. That was flat out ugly, lucky to be down by only 1.

Parlayed Canes and Oilers ML tonight +537. Just some fun small action until we can hopefully get a live play in..

There is nothing I would like better than for McLeod & Puljujarvi to step up and have great games tonight. #Oilers #LetsGoOilers.

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Edmonton Oilers ML -130 NHL picks, playoffs Oilers vs Kings Game 6 begins at 10pm ET ⏰.

Oilers with a number of untimely undisciplined plays last night, this head butt by Nurse could prove the most costly of all of them..

Just a reminder that Jason Kenney only resigned as Premier hours ago. #Oilers #Flames.

Kings get off the deck after blowing a late 2 goal third period and go home looking to eliminate Oilers in Game 6. Me and @irfgaffar with postgame reaction after LAK 5-4 OT win..

05/20 MLB: Rays ML Twins ML Astros Brewers Giants ML NHL: Hurricanes ML Oilers.

One day left in the EOCF Online Playoff Charity Auction with exclusive #Oilers memorabilia including warmup-worn, player-signed @CanadianForces Night jerseys plus game-used gloves, sticks & helmets up for grabs! Visit to view all items & place your bids..

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“It wasn’t just on forechecks or hits, it was 50/50 battles, body position net front, how hard you are around your blue paint and around the other team’s net,” Woodcroft on overall lack of physicality/intensity. #Oilers.

anyone at the oilers v flames game last night must’ve been so tired of hearing the goal horn by the end of that game.


In the first post-season provincial punch-up in 31 years, the Oilers and Flames did a fine job of emulating their Battle of Alberta forefathers with the NHL’s first 15-goal playoff game in 29 years. (@EricFrancis).

NHL PLAYOFFS! 🏒 Maple Leafs x Lightning (3-2) Hurricanes x Bruins (3-2) Wild x Blues (2-3) Oilers x Kings (2-3) #BrasilTemNHL #NHLnaESPN.

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Kings and former Oilers coach Todd McLellan on pressure. This is good stuff..

Us watching the 1st period of Oilers-Flames vs. us watching now.

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While I don’t disagree, I don’t think Mike Smith was the reason the Oilers lost last night. Kinda hard to win when 97 and 29 combine for 3 total goals and are still a -1 combined..

Tony Brar
Tony Brar

The Edmonton Oilers have recalled Philip Broberg from Bakersfield (AHL). The team has also signed Carter Savoie to a three-year ELC beginning in 21-22. #Oilers.

oilers need to get it together they are RUINING my battle of Alberta in round two agenda.

Calling all Oilers fans that haven’t given up: Now is the time to stand tall. In McJesus we trust. We have been here before, we cheer together, we come together and together we will triumph. It is not the time to turn our backs, but to push forward. #LetsGoOilers.


Gonna need Game 6 of the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals energy these next two games please Oilers.

Visste du at Oilers er medlem i Alliance of European Hockey Clubs? Organisasjonen har nå nominasjonene klare til årets European Hockey Awards hvor du kan være med og stemme frem vinnerne 😄 Legg igjen dine stemmer her 👇.

Bon. Je suis parti me coucher les Flames menaient 3 à 1 sur les Oilers. Je me suis réveillé et les Stampeders avaient battu les Elks 9 à 6!!! 🤦‍♂️.

Some morning after thoughts: It boggles the mind how the Oilers could be so bad for the first 40 minutes last night. There’s just no reason to lose this series to an inferior opponent for the third year in a row. Now have to win two, can they do it? It’s a long shot..

I am all for this - IF, she is the best candidate for the job. Don’t make it happen as some publicity stunt or it will always be seen as a joke and never taken seriously. PS…hire me…those Oilers need a little healthy fear in them. Lol.

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