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Updated: October 15th, 2021 06:41 AM IST

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Two truths and a lie: -Kyrsten Sinema campaigned on drug pricing reform. -Kyrsten Sinema is actively opposing drug pricing reform. -Kyrsten Sinema received over $750,000 from Big Pharma. Just kidding – they’re all true.

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And what might the opposing perspective be?

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@koslen_bambi What are you talking about. Thats a dem wanting opposing material to the holocaust. And you want to blame GOP for this? I think you should be more concerned about racist content in our schools. Like teaching material blaming a whole race and not recognizing its racist.

@NoLieWithBTC @NBCNews Then it follows they will also need books presenting opposing viewpoints to Capitalism, Democracy, Free Market, Patriotism, American Exceptionalism, Freedom, including arguments against the Second Ammendment & everything else they love to promote.

@MarisaKabas The opposing perspective? The one where you try to create the perfect race by killing everyone else? Wonderful, exactly what Jesus would do

There is nothing “widely debated” or “controversial” about the holocaust. It was systematic ethnic genocide. Not sure what the “opposing perspective” is. #ginapeddy should be ashamed.

@ChristopherHahn @slack2thefuture My history was stolen from me. Untold material gain and opportunity was lost generation after generation due to violent oppression, intimidation, and murder. There is no opposing view to anti Black racism.

…………………… This. Fucking. State. I. Swear. My god, we only can set the bar LOWER & LOWER & LOWER… This is just downright insanity, what a fucking joke. “Opposing perspective.” bitch what the FUCK?!

Opposing perspectives for “widely debated and currently controversial” topics. The Holocaust is neither widely debated nor controversial, except in antisemitic circles. What exactly would the counterpoint be in this case? Nazis were very fine people? @GovAbbott - This is awful.

@OccupyDemocrats If the opposing view is about the Allies defeating the Nazis that’s good. Somehow I don’t think that’s what was meant.

Silly question: Will the opposing views directly quote Adolf Hitler, or will they be mere paraphrases?

@RealDLHughley Opposing views on history?! For Holocaust deniers the main problem that completely deep sixes their denial is the fact that the Nazis were excellent record keepers. In other words the Nazis themselves documented it.

@NBCNews Please explain, like I’m 5, what an “opposing perspective” is for the holocaust

I’m ALL for seeing multiple sides of a situation, but is this real life? What opposing view is being supported? Was this thought through? Are they sure that’s realllllly what they want? So. Many. Questions. 🥴

@MARYK33679014 @NBCNews IKR! How does that look? What is the opposing view? It’s ok to kill those of a different ethnic or religious belief. TX has lost their damn minds, their soul and their American ideals. I wouldn’t step foot in TX. Talibanexas more and more everyday!


if you have an “opposing” view on the fucking Holocaust then you can just stay the fuck away from me, I want nothing to do with you

@NathanMackBrown What opposing views would be acceptable? The holocaust was a nightmare and beyond evil. Texas is a place I never hope to visit on so many levels.


@Carrollisd if Gina Peddy wants opposing perspective on the Holocaust, maybe she can ask my dad’s family what they think Oh wait, they all ended up in OVENS in the concentration camp. #ginapeddy #carrollISD

@NoLieWithBTC @NBCNews Are there any opposing perspective physics books? What about “to kill a mockingbird”?



@ASFleischman Doesn’t this logic, then, compel the teaching of Critical Race Theory or the 1619 project as an “opposing view” for any teaching that advocates that America is *not* inherently racist?

@KevinLevin How much Reagan hagiography is in Texas schoolbooks? Are they ready for opposing views? Not holding my breath

@NBCNews @NBCNightlyNews What opposing view? That Hitler thought Jews should be exterminated? My god

@pattonoswalt I Guess…the opposing view would be that Klaus Barbie is a Loving father, a devoted husband, and a 3 time ballroom dancing champion? Note that this is all from the Barbie Museum 👀

@RonFilipkowski Of all the bat shit crazy things Ive heard from some of these loons, this might be the bat shit craziest! How do they justify giving one ounce of credence to those wackos that deny the Holocaust???? There is no “opposing perspective”

Opposing perspective on the HOLOCAUST??? WTF is wrong with you #Texas?? 🤬🤬🤬

@OccupyDemocrats @Punktkontakt There is no opposing view on the subject of genocide, you know.

what opposing text? southern school administrators are fucking crazy. they want to justify everything.

then after this game we were on opposing teams and he was blatantly sniping me since he was mad at me for calling him a dogshit weirdo, here is him leaving the entire A bombsite open on split where I default every round but he knows im not there since i have no delay (hes viper)

Opposing Photo,Opposing Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Two truths and a lie: -Kyrsten Sinema campaigned on drug pricing reform. -Kyrsten Sinema is actively opposing drug pricing reform. -Kyrsten Sinema received over $750,000 from Big Pharma. Just kidding – they’re all true.

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