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Robbie Grossman vs Adam Ottavino #ForTheA Home Run 💣 Exit velo: mph Launch angle: 38 deg Proj. distance: 366 ft This would have been a home run in 26/30 MLB ballparks NYM (6) @ ATL (5) 🔻 7th.

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@BravesAmerica It felt like the Mets were more focused on Ronnie than the hitter and just wanted to get Ottavino out of the game asap. Just a really bad time to attempt a steal.

3 things 1) This team has guts 2) we need Ottavino, Lugo, and May big time 3) The Braves are not going away. #lgm.

Great job by the Mets offense top to bottom. Baty with an awesome moment, clutch hitting all night. But my lord does this team need SOMEONE besides Edwin Díaz to step up and get someone out in a big spot. Rare bad performance from Ottavino, so he’s excused. #LGM.

@JustinCToscano Not even competitive at bats there. Don’t like taking the bat out of Dansby’s hands with ottavino choking. Oh well..

@AnthonyDiComo Ottavino has been good, but the GM not getting any good relievers at the trade deadline is going to be the Achilles heel of this team..

@KevinMcAlpin If only Acuña let Dansby hit off ottavino. Selfish stolen base attempt.

@MeekPhill_ If May can’t hold a 4 run lead after Ottavino couldn’t hold a 5 run lead, it isn’t worth worrying about because this team isn’t going anywhere in the playoffs anyway.

I would rather trust Scherzer to get out of a bases loaded one out situation at 91 pitches than bring in Ottavino any day 🤷🏽‍♂️ #mets.

@NYPost_Brazille Outside of Diaz this bullpen is brutal. Ottavino cannot be relied upon in a close game in the playoffs he will turn everything into a double. Pray megill is healthy and can be a nice arm o it of the pen.

@2UnapologeticMe @Braves Ottavino was all over the strike zone too. I wouldn’t have sent him first pitch..

@BraveTiger2021 Had Ottavino on the ropes and Acuña getting thrown out with Dansby up was just very poor. You knew Buck was going to turn to Diaz in the 8th with 2,3,4 coming. The 7th was our shot.

@donnieazof Clowns on here will tell u Ottavino been good 😂 idc how good he’s been ill never trust him ever.


@Braves They punted this winnable game 1) Ronnie should have waited to steal. Ottavino was clearly rattled and probably would have walked or allowed a base hit to Dans. Completely killed the momentum. Especially when you know Diaz can go 6 outs..

@AnthonyDiComo Agree with the move but May and Ottavino are very suspect. Robertson would have filled a big void there.

The Mets front office really looked at Trevor May and Adam Ottavino and decided not to add pen help at the deadline. How? I have no clue..

Max Scherzer / Pulled at 91 pitches, Max Scherzer can only watch from the dugout as Adam Ottavino serves #MLB #NYM.

@CelliniNick Acuña on first with Dansby facing Ottavino had to be a more advantageous matchup. No need to try to steal..

@b_outliers I’m gonna say the run expectancy with a runner on 1st and 2 out against Ottavino is higher than it is with a clean inning against Diaz..

@PTownBrave22 That I get. Didn’t look like the best jump. But maybe with Ottavino on the mound being slow to the plate he was trying to give Dansby a fighting chance? Just an unfortunate result.

Holy shit @Mets leave Max alone. 91 pitches. He is a true vet and ottavino doesn’t understand he is a sinker guy with his arm slot and should only throw down. Or is that your analytics guy trying to make everyone the same..

@HeatherRose24 I was praising Ottavino a second before that. The fucking inning was OVER..

Nothing fucking comes easy with this bullpen except if your name is Edwin Diaz. Trevor May sucks. Adam Ottavino sucks. Seth Lugo sucks..

@MetsAvenue Holding that same gate opened for Trevor May as Ottavino in case he gets crazy!!!.

@RobVega43722866 @SNY_Mets ottavino has a era and is top 10 in the National League in inherited runners stranded percentage. But tell us more.

@NYNJHarper I don’t agree, John. Ottavino has had a great year and overall Lugo has been much better. May gave up 2 runs to a tough team. It happens..

@Ucfdk @Mets I have a lot of confidence in Megill but bullpen roles are difficult to adjust to. Actually Williams has been fantastic so not the entire pen. Rare ottavino blow up..

@SteveGelbs Happy about the win. But make no mistake; there isn’t anything to be proud of with this pen. It’s about as reliable as a submarine with screen doors. May and Adam Ottavino are garbage. Pure sewage. We can’t be thumping our chest at this win. Grateful? Yes. But not encouraging..

@seaver_15 All true, Ottavino has been overall good but he makes me nervous with the helicopter hanging sliders and dead straight 4 seam..


@AlyssaRose Come postseason, no one besides Ottavino or Diaz can pitch from the bullpen.

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