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We couldn’t always get to church so the music was our confessional. Vibe Mag, 2006.

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Ross Read
Ross Read ()

Paul McCartney is cool but he never made SpottieOttieDopaliscious. Advantage Outkast.

GetmJuJu ()

@Sko_Nice I am confused about what metric you would use to debate OutKast vs the Beatles.

UberFacts ()

After OutKast told us to Shake it like a Polaroid picture, Polaroid released a statement warning people: Shaking or waving can actually damage the image

James ()

@MarginCallMike @nypost I know I was just trying to use your argument against you. Beatles & OutKast are great, I just think the Beatles are the best of all time is all

The Melting Pot Podcast
The Melting Pot Podcast ()

#Outkast will forever be a staple of Atlanta and we will forever pick them over the beetles 🤷🏾‍♂️. #Atlien

Robert Barba
Robert Barba ()

@SheaSerrano Seeing her perform in Denver in 1998/9. Not a huge venue. Outkast opened for her.

Beni ()

Common knowledge. Outkast is plain better. The Beatles made ok music. They are way too overated musically

KMS78 ()

I enjoy and admire Outkast, but saying they’re better - or more significant — than The Beatles is just asinine.

Orion 4000 ⃤ 𓁿 ➐
Orion 4000 ⃤ 𓁿 ➐ ()

Seeing Outkast trending this morning. Just here to remind everyone that they dont have 1 miss in their catalog. Best group ever.

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͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ✞
͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ✞ ()

vi um tweet dizendo que outkast é melhor que os beatles e não poderia estar mais certo.

Corey Meyers
Corey Meyers ()

I had some concerns about how well this one i did for the legendary outkast would turn out but wow

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I can still sing the mix ups at the end of Rosa Parks by @Outkast . Have the Beatles done anything as close to that🧐

Andrew Galura
Andrew Galura ()

@e_montoya7 @Dannn722 Last time I checked, the greatest song ever wasn’t created by the Beatles. “Hey Ya!” was created by the one true master mind André 3000 of Outkast. What was the first song to ever reach 1 million paid downloads in iTunes first year? Not a Beatles song.

Rah 🧞‍♂️
Rah 🧞‍♂️ ()

When we talk about legends, influences, and impact they should be at the top of the list!

Matthew Coleman
Matthew Coleman ()

I bet Andre 3000 of @Outkast would approve of Sunny Bridges being included in this fan art!

B. Brian Weems
B. Brian Weems ()

@vexedinthecity OutKast’s first song was a Christmas cover. Let that sink in. Funk is its own reward

Dawson ()

There are a lot of acts that are better than the Beatles, and OutKast is indeed one of them

SeeJay ()

I love Outkast but I be laughing every time y’all be saying « X is greater than The Beatles » because if any of them really were y’all would stop comparing them to *checks notes* The Beatles.


On Outkast > Beatles, all I have to say is 1. SpottieOttieDopalicious 2. Aquemini 3. Elevators

PlasmaEarth ()

Also, the whole Beatles vs. Outkast debate is so stupid. They both revolutionized their own genre. The Beatles revolutionized pop and rock music, and Outkast revolutionized hip hop.

Zamunda, Wakanda, Connecticut
Zamunda, Wakanda, Connecticut ()

I always love when we show OutKast love. So I’m tweeting to make sure they keep trending. If you don’t know much from them it’s time to learn, trap ain’t the only sound that came from the south. Take notes, the group is a master class in musicianship.

Xenhound ()

To say there would be no Outkast without the Beatles is offensive, America’s music trajectory was well established before it ever even heard of the Beatles.

Jawn Wick
Jawn Wick ()

We can 100% fight over this. Beatles ain’t touching 3 Stacks and Big Boi

M. Scarn
M. Scarn ()

Outkast could easily pull off the Beatles look but the Beatles could never touch these fits

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Don Quixote
Don Quixote ()

Lol people really saying Outkast is better then the Beatles? Why are they even being compared? People can’t just enjoy shit

Alex ()

outkast could’ve written any of the beatles lyrics but neither paul, george, michael, or the other one could’ve handled the lyric and delivery of “she’s the reason for the word bitch”


Outkast vs Beatles?? But like we still sing Ms Jackson to this day

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jimmy jam
Jimmy jam ()

@jumexzilla @Outkast There’s the YouTube video . Different censorship back in the

くコ:彡♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♡ ()

Outkast is trending because someone is comparing them to the (WTF? No.) ATLiens will always be their best song in my mind. Fight me. It slaps still. To this day. And it came out when I graduated high school (1996)

Outkast ()

We couldn’t always get to church so the music was our confessional. Vibe Mag, 2006.

Outkast Photo,Outkast Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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