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And now the Oysterhead debut of 46 Days! This is the first time Oysterhead has played a Phish song.

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Irmak demirci ()

Masturbation time 😍 @adel_morel 💕💕💕 #SydneyIsSkyBlue #oysterhead

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Crimes of the mind ()

Dem oyster’s tasted really good tonight. I need to hear the rest of the story behind “the ballad of Les and Trey” #oysterhead

The Hits Locker ()

@bizarchive @realoysterhead Not counting Walking on the Moon from Halloween 2001, I assume (would have to agree since that was just the chorus sung over different music).

KNova Music ()

#oysterhead was a lot of fun. What are they going to play tomorrow???

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Lushingt🍩n ()

Oysterhead was better than expected. More jams than expected. More fun than expected. This tour will produce much more greatness. Stay

ベンジャミン ()

日本の方でオイスターヘッドのツアー限定?ボトル(会場物販には色違いしかなかったです)ほしい方いらっしゃいませんか?日本に戻るとき嵩張るので、もしいなかったら明日の会場でチケットと一緒に売ってしまいたいと思います。明日の開場時間(日本時間16日11時)までにリプかDMください。 oysterhead

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Poot Beatagieg ()

I hate to break it to you, but Oysterhead was VERY GOOD tonight.

Skaadi ho ()

Oyfah kingster head!! #oysterhead oysterhead @ 1STBANK Center

Feral Jerry ()

I can’t believe I’m not seeing more tweets about how fire that Oysterhead show was.

Scott Marks ()

Owner Of The World All of the songs from The Grand Pecking Order have been played tonight. #oysterhead

The DMB Family ()

Dave and tim in Mexico Oysterhead in Broomfield Colorado Same artist for their weekend posters

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Madison Underwood ()

@bizarchive Seen more thank few mentions of Oysterhead shows on the timeline. Why are we doing Oysterhead?

Scott Marks ()

And now the Oysterhead debut of 46 Days! This is the first time Oysterhead has played a Phish song.

Jimi James ()

hi there is no mother fucking way i miss oysterhead this year stay tuned holy shit

LIVE (music blog) ()

Band picked up the energy considerably after Birthday Boys with a wild Oz is Ever Floating and now Pseudo Suicide #oysterhead

Pntszdvln ()

I’ve counted 4 Oysterhead streams and 1 Bob Weir stream. All Oysterhead streams are running fine but the Bob stream—- Buffering. The one difference? Nugs is hosting Bob.

LIVE (music blog) ()

Birthday Boys should be back in the setlist rotation for sure. I missed this one. #Oysterhead

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