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Parliamentarian Twitter

YES! GOOD NEWS! Senate parliamentarian just OKed the Medicare negotiation provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act. This has been a long fight that so many of you have led with me for years. @AARP @lesliedach Let’s get it done!.

Who the f*ck is the Senate parliamentarian and why do they have so much power?.

“But we have elections coming up in November and if we can get two more Democrats in the United States Senate and hang on to the house, we can get rid of the filibuster and then the parliamentarian doesn’t get to make these calls.” 2/2.

Senate parliamentarian gives OK for climate, tax, health bill to proceed.

The Parliamentarian can be fired at any time or simply ignored. Laws are made-up but parliamentary decisions are *really* made-up. This is priestly-class magic and it’s not even good. Do the thing where the curtain opens on a crucifix while looming organ music plays or something!.

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