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Pat Bev literally trying anything to get KD off his game 😆.

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Qu’est-ce qu’il est bon ce batard de Pat Bev. Il a fait rage quit KD en direct devant des millions de téléspectateurs. Il l’a fait rage quit !!.

He’s Moody man! So he PLAYS MOODY! I don’t even care about the amount of shots. Get your ass on the block and shoot over Pat Bev!!! 10 or 20 shots. It’s so so simple. His moods take him out of it. Smh.

Clippers have Pat Bev, Harrell and Lou, so this actually counts as a Rockets win. Very cool, great job Houston Rockets..

Pat Bev !!! @patbev21 you are one crazy ass keep em show the exit door to the warriors !! #NBAPlayoffs #nba.

Pat Bev literally trying anything to get KD off his game 😆 SportsCenter.

@PC_BasedGod He made up for that no ?. These kids aren’t about physicality like pat bev. He gets in everybody’s head.

@DragonflyJonez Pat Bev asks if he can buy a loosey and hands you a fistful of pennies and paper clips.

I’m ready to stan Pat Bev if he ever makes it to the Spurs.

And waved bye lmao he sorry for that, pat Bev is too much of a competitor for that.

doc rivers is brilliant, pat bev is a fucking dog, and lou williams is the most clutch 6th man in NBA history.

Pat Bev is the kinda player kids need to watch! Yeah he play a little questionable sometimes but dude don’t stop playing he don’t care who he he’s playing D on he just work.

I can’t be the only one who sees the also, i miss pat bev on the Rockets. Go clippers..

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@WarriorsPR KD is playing Pat Bev’s game and that’s not how we (GSW) win .... come on Klay !! 💛.

@acct_stan When steph got in foul trouble, that was his time. He was playing patty cake with pat bev..

Pat Bev and em are gonna stay at those niggas necks until this series is over. Golden State better have some coffee and get in the game.

@SportsCenter This Pat Bev behavior against KD is getting very annoying. The refs gotta stop it!.

@acct_stan Am i tripping when i say, kd is not built for new york media, if pat bev getting in his head?.

Bisa balikin 31 poin gitu. Nba playoff is one hell of a show. We need more Pat Bev!!!.

KD is throwing the playoffs lol. Even his worst game ever wasn’t close to that performance. Written in his body language. No way Pat Bev really got to him like that..

TL told me Pat Bev had him shook and they were both in foul trouble.

Respect for La clippers shout out to my man Pat Bev. Houston needs him back.

I’m starting to fw pat bev🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ down 30 points and he’s still the same ole pat bev everyone hates, that’s why they won the game, he never stopped.

Pat Bev isn’t a good defender?! He’s not what?! This man needs more recognition from people, he won’t stop until the buzzer and makes his team around him better. Phenomenal enough said🙅‍♂️ @patbev21 @LAClippers.

@NBAonTNT If you like Pat Bev this is why he plays so hard.

Pat Bev literally trying anything to get KD off his game 😆.

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