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Never thought I would see the day that I would be tweeting Ingles, O’Neale and Bogdanovic are better defenders than Kawhi, PG and Pat Bev! Carry

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Azz 🟣🟡
Azz 🟣🟡 ()

@TylerVillagra24 He should get a pay rise for that can’t stand the Pat Bev the front

Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson ()

Rumours going round that Pat Bev is on a plane to China. He’s about to tear up the CBA

KingHapaKB24 ()

@pandahank41 Ty why is Pat Bev back in the rotation? Because I want him there, *TSK*

Shawn ()

@quismp1 Yeah but he the only one who wants to D up. If KL stop disappearing in the 4th and PG stop playing like a role player Pat Bev offense wouldn’t matter

NFNT. ()

Kennard cannot get switched to Mitchell. Zubac can’t be in early foul trouble. Cousins and Mann need more PT. Pat Bev shouldn’t be taking shots at the end of the game. PG and Kawhi need to play better down the stretch. Whether that’s making a big time shot or right play.

Vinny’ ()

@_Inkredible_ They keep playing the vet that has more fouls than points. That nigga Pat Bev is scoreless fool 🤣🤣

Jardz ()

@KendrickPerkins Pat Bev out here being nothing but a pest. Ty is going to bench all of game 3.

Ian Nemeth | Dunk the Nuggets in 6🐝 | #BLM
Ian Nemeth | Dunk the Nuggets in 6🐝 | #BLM ()

Kills me. They were better when pat bev was out and rondo played. Maybe I’m crazy tho

Gregory Q Redd
Gregory Q Redd ()

Pat Bev got that contract and never been the same lmao that old Pat Bev long gone he cant guard shit

Kīp ()

@LemonLimeFusion earlier i was like pat bev in the game??? and i swear like 2 nano seconds after i said that he had one of the loudest bricks ever😭😭

Bernhard Krämer
Bernhard Krämer ()

@Clippers24seven so we dont want reggie to cut down on shots that leave morris, cousins and pat bev who can shoot less its impossible for pg and kawhi to both take 25+ shots with reggie taking 15+ and still involving the rest of the team giving everyone shots throuout the game

Jake ()

The Clips were down 1 and then proceeded to have a 2 minute stretch where Pat Bev and Morris took 5 straight shots and missed all of them. Then they were down by 10

Reegis. ()

At this point if you’re Ty Lue, why not let Pat Bev get those 6 fouls off and try and slow down Donovan? I know try the operative word, but damn, I Patty B wanna get back to what he does best: foul 🤣😂

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins ()

Never thought I would see the day that I would be tweeting Ingles, O’Neale and Bogdanovic are better defenders than Kawhi, PG and Pat Bev! Carry

MrChuck ()

Every time I see the Clippers losing all I can think about is that look Pat Bev gave Lebron at Summer League when they got Kawhi like they were going to be running shit lol.

Ian Cross
Ian Cross ()

@kingtisemedia it’s hilarious how irrelevant Pat Bev has been this entire playoffs. People finally seeing how fucking useless he is.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson ()

@ajnewell_24 Idk man lol remember him and pat bev laughing at dame last year in the bubble? Or calling himself playoff P. Nah man step up or dont

Acrerboy ()

@ShannonSharpe Hey Shannon, where is Playoff Rondo. Pat Bev getting mad minutes. He should have stayed in ATL

Oli ()

the clippers traded lou will for rondo just to play reggie jackson and pat bev thats so nasty

WFColonel56 ()

You have the best 2 wing defenders since MJ and Pip+Pat Bev and you switch to a zone 😂😂🤣😂🤣. Lord I know @bomani_jones is sick to his stomach right now

K.C. ()

@ItsKingsBruh Pat Bev been riding the bench 2 series straight Paul aint been truly elite defensively since Indy/OKC Kawhi cant play high level defense for as long as could in the past Marcus Morris and Batum LMFAOOOOO

Waldy Ochoa
Waldy Ochoa ()

Someone told me Kawhi, Pg and pat Bev are supposed to be some DAWGS defensively but all I have seen for 9 games so far in the post season is that they can’t stop the other teams lone star ( DONCIC and MITCHELL) those boys have career games against these guys !!!

shannon sharpe
Shannon sharpe ()

How many pts would Spida Mitchell have at the half, IF* Kawhi, PG and Pat Bev were bad at defense?🤔🤔 #NBAPlayoffs #ClippersvsJazz


@Jaywavve Kawhi ain’t got no dog house to put nobody in but idc no way Pat Bev who has no skill is in the game more than him. If I was do I’d go home

Langford? Seal Club
Langford? Seal Club ()

Pat Bev is not a good defender at all he just fooled a lot of y’all 😂

Ya Mama Burner
Ya Mama Burner ()

Haven’t heard shit about Pat bev even tho Luka done knocked him outta the lineup 😴😴

A.P. ()

@ReversexFlash Somebody needs to gold school and give Pat Bev one of them fouls the Pistons used to give Jordan

Thunder Film Room
Thunder Film Room ()

they ejected dennis shröder in a pivotal game 5 during last years playoffs because he love tapped PJ’s nuts & pat bev is out here squeezing them & nothing. truly amazing.

G ()

the great philosopher russell westbrook once said “pat bev trick y’all man”

Nick Birdsong
Nick Birdsong ()

So, the biggest adjustment the Clippers made in this series was benching Pat Bev? OK.

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