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Meanwhile Patrick Chung is coked up out there and balling out on edge.

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The good players vs Pittsburgh: - Tom Brady - Isaiah Wynn - Rex Burkhead - James White - Josh Gordon - Phillip Dorsett - Julian Edelman - Chase Winovich - Donta Hightower - Patrick Chung - Devin McCourty - Jonathan Jones - Stephen Gostkowski - Gunner Olszewski.

The Patriots got 2 plugs on their team Josh Gordon for the weed and Patrick Chung for the Coke smhh these boys going 16-0.

Defensive: Stephon Gilmore: 5 tackles Devin McCourty: 6 tackles, 1 INT Jason McCourty: 7 tackles Dont’a Hightower: 6 tackles Jamie Collins: 6 tackles Patrick Chung: 6 tackles Ja’Whaun Bentley: 4 tackles.

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So ⁦@NFL: why has Chung faced no disciplinary action from you for this?⁩ – ProFootballTalk.

Top 5 Patriots tonight: 1) Tom Brady 2) Isaiah Wynn 3) Devin McCourty 4) Stephon Gilmore 5) Patrick Chung.

@jrolley325 @madchad412 hey i remember that! remember when Patrick Chung got caught with cocaine and is still allowed to play football?.

La Defensa de @patriotsespanol @Patriots ha jugado por nota, que talento y nivel traen. Hace tiempo que vienen subiendo de nivel y hoy para mi tienen uno de los mejores perímetro de la NFL: Jason Mcourty Devin Mcourty Stephon Gilmore Patrick Chung Jonathan Jones Jackson. #Cracks.

#PITvsNE Funny how no suite box shots of Kraft & his happy-ending grin. Or mention of Patrick Chung’s coke habit. Think the @NFL warned @SNFonNBC to avoid such topics? Take that to the AB bank..

I thought Julian Edelman was suspended? Also Patrick Chung playing but just got hit for cocaine? Lol man the nfl is wild.

Chris Collinsworth: ‘Vance McDonald has done nothing with Patrick Chung on him tonight’ BITCH!!! You ever try to shake a COKE HEAD?!?! Fucking impossible.

“McDonald has done nothing tonight vs. Patrick Chung. Maybe this is a spot for him” -Collinsworth in a 30-3 game with 13 minutes to play in the 4th. Go get em Vance!.

PATRICK CHUNG IS PLAYING?!?! Y’ the guy who got charged with possession of coke a few weeks ago? If he was on any other team, and he would be away from the field. Only the fucking Patriots, man. Get me to MLB postseason and college basketball already..

Ayo Patrick Chung out here playing like he ain’t just get caught with the works 😂😂.

Vance McDonald has done nothing against Patrick Chung ... who is facing cocaine charges..

Patrick Chung is facing a federal indictment for cocaine trafficking but he’s at work tonight lol..

How is Patrick Chung still playing. He was out there with Ty Law, Bruschi and them.

i could have sworn patrick chung got arrested for having crack. how tf this nigga playing.

Meanwhile Patrick Chung is coked up out there and balling out on edge.

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People flapping their gums about Patrick Chung when we had a whole Tyreek Hill playing today..

These niggas got Josh “Weed” Gordon Patrick “Coke” Chung & Antonio “Angry Ass” Brown Hope nobody caps this season 😂 #PatsNation.

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