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Updated: September 15th, 2021 10:42 PM IST

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BREAKING: There is mutual interest between USC and Penn State Head Coach James Franklin, per @dpshow

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Folks disappointed about Penn Jillette shouldn’t be. He voted for Hillary and Biden too. It’s just a lesson for us all. A rich entertainer claiming libertarian principles will put their bottom line above those principles every time. There might be a handful of exceptions.

The Penn State Board of Trustees will hold its next public meeting on Sept. 16-17. Details on livestreaming:

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A few RDR entries today as yesterday’s lows got reclaimed. Anyone catch one. Some caught $docu $penn and $aapl for cash flow. There were many if u know the tactic

Picks of the week (for CFB) - Bama over Florida - Penn State over Auburn - Oklahoma over Nebraska - Michigan State over Miami (FL) - Virginia Tech over West Virginia - North Carolina over Virginia (in a close one) - ASU over BYU

Bull Forecasts September 15, 2021 08:59:00 PDT 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂 ticker : log change intraday $CHWY : $PENN : $AFRM : $TELL : $CMCSA : $UAL : $MRO : $FB : $SQQQ : $DNN :

he was singled out & arrested for successfully de-escalating a fight between a fascist and protestors gathered to demand that penn state institute a vaccine mandate .

This morning Prospect Media & @DreamShotsMedia received emails stating the Penn Hills vs Woodland Hills Game this Friday would be limited to “Essential Workers” at which we would NOT be permitted. Is media not INCLUDED in essential workers for sports??

@_steegs Catholic Church. Penn State. Michigan State, Boy Scouts. You would think that at some point, organizations would realize that cutting loose an abuser is less damaging than protecting them and hoping it never comes out.

@AuburnEinstein @JusCallMeLani There will be at least one Penn State fan who yells Roll Tide at Auburn fans because they think that offends us.

Iowa gets four at home, four on the road, just like everybody. Home: - Minnesota, Jan. 7 - Purdue, Jan. 9 - Penn State, Jan. 28 👀 - Wisconsin, Feb. 5 Away: - Northwestern, Jan. 14 - Illinois, Jan. 16 - Ohio State, Jan. 21 - Nebraska, Feb. 20 Non-con dates out soon. Giddy up.

Penn is missing the chance to blow things up. Instead of Kant, they coulda gone crazy & identified Jena 1795-98 as the area of specialization and then things would get real, people would learn, German idealism would finally arrive.

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Btw, Pitt targets Otega Oweh and Ryan Dunn will not be committing to the Panthers. Oweh is likely headed to Penn State, and all signs point to Dunn committing to Virginia.

Penn State really trying to be intimidating. We get barked at by adults, y’all don’t compare

It’s baffles me that people think he wouldn’t succeed because he hasn’t taken Penn State to where they thought. He has to play Ohio State and beat them every year! They play in one of the toughest divisions in the country. Dude can coach and will be successful anywhere he goes.

For the first time in the century-long lifespan of the full-time MBA program of the @Wharton School, an entering class is majority female.

Laws designed to help women with increased risk for missed breast cancer diagnoses may help catch the disease earlier, according to @PennStHershey researchers.

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@HIMBONATlON Where’s the candid of James riding majestically through Penn Station on a horse

Penn State recruiting: Why Kenny Sanders returned ‘back home’ from Oregon to bolster the Nittany Lions’ department

@AlbertBreer Usc is a top 5 job in the country. Penn State is a very good job, not USC

Will the new @CowboyWrestling locker room upgrade give John Smith and company the recruiting edge it needs to overtake Penn State and Iowa? 👀 Cowboy Wrestling Locker Room to Receive $1 Million Upgrade ⬇️ Renderings below as well ⬇️

Penn State-Auburn matchup: Running backs, defenders in spotlight Saturday at Beaver Stadium

Auburn 60-14 Penn State #WeAre going to be national champions easy. Our QB is having fun, coach Harsin is jacked, and Auburn has family. We can not be beat.

@KirkHerbstreit As a buckeye fan, I’ve always wanted to experience this and will some day. The electric atmospheres are what make College football what it is and does penn state hit a home run on this one each year! I always enjoy watching despite who penn state is playing.

BREAKING: There is mutual interest between USC and Penn State Head Coach James Franklin, per @dpshow

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$PENN @daveportnoy11 keep an eye out on PENN as it is nearing the 50dma. 5-10% bounce

@jamusp Because whole house water softeners are expensive and, with this setup, required.

Auburn ‘embracing’ frenzied environment awaiting team at Penn State ✅ ⁦@AuburnFootball⁩ #WarEagle #AuburnMade ⁦@AuburnTigers⁩

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Penn State units at campuses across the commonwealth will be holding events in honor of #NationalHispanicHeritageMonth, celebrated mid-September to mid-October.

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Taking Metro downtown to your job? Want an exciting career where no two days are the same? Our recruiters & Station 11, Penn Daw, C-Shift are currently at the Huntington Metro Station, Huntington Side, until 10 Learn about life as a #FCFRD firefighter & how to #JoinTeamFCFRD

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@pennjillette Hey Penn: Magic Gavin Newsom currently has a 10% higher share of the vote than he had in the 2018 election. If that holds, it would astounding to see someone gain vote shares when 25% of petition signers were from his own party. Amazing

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