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Jordan Peterson gives this blistering attack on Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian policies that are destroying freedoms and the economy in Canada. This is an inconvenient set of truths that many so-called “liberals” are wilfully ignoring..

In the last 15 seasons in the NFL, only one non-quarterback has won the MVP award. #Vikings Adrian Peterson.

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My absolute favourite contemporary quote that I believe to be utterly true. “A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very, very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control”. - Jordan Peterson.

Una GOZADA este mensaje de Jordan Peterson a las iglesias cristianas. Las insta a dar la bienvenida a los varones jóvenes, cuya energía y ambición son hoy despreciadas por doquier; y las anima a dejar de ser ONGs ecologistas y preocuparse de las almas..

In a complicated world like today, the hardest thing living simply. Kevin Peterson ph..

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“Failing rapper trying to do a poor imitation of Jordan Peterson” 🚩🚩🚩.

😂😂😂 Sometimes being nosy helps, looks at Peterson going all John Wick. #SkeemSaam.

This video, defining what a woman is for some random commenter, is like a Q post channeled through a Jôrdān Peterson But in a really good way..

Jordan Peterson prescribed, both for himself and his audience, a life of meaning and responsibility as an antidote to chaos and despair..


Now all I pray for is that the hit man tells Peterson who hired him. Plus you can tell he’s an amateur #SkeemSaam.

@WilkesShoota68 This was one of Showalters few bad moves .Petersons last relief outing was bad. No way he should have been out there . He should have gone to Lugo or smith they could have done what Peterson did . Just bad..

@jsentongo Amen & Amen 🙏🙏 Thank you brother Joseph for your kindness. I appreciate every single word of your messages. May the LORD reward you abundantly 4 your compassion & goodwill. Have a blessed Thursday & Greetings to your family and friends..

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Growing up is finding out one by one every band you were obsessed with in middle school was Christian. Bums like Jordan Peterson complain about a shift in the cultural paradigm as a result of Marxist values deceptively scattered through media in the past half century..

@LyndaEisenstein Peterson is a long reliever and has a high walk rate. He’s someone you throw when your starter goes down earlier than the 4th inning.

@visionradio891 Here @ Kahaya one of my friends wanted to say we used to have SEMINNERS in our Senior Six and he said we used to have SEMISTERS in our S6.

@YancaDaCaramel 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣yoh diya bowa moes dah le mjita ka top e Red😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

I love desperate attempts at sounding intelligent that are really just word soup, this is what listening to j peterson does to you.

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Most electrifying college player ever but I’d still take Adrian Peterson over him 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️..

@bobposting I see Jordan Peterson is doing a little ban evasion now by using an alt with a an itty bitty hammer & sickle emoji in his username, in hopes to red pill some misguided commies on Twitter..

@Hoyatexas USC Reggie Bush was like Oklahoma Adrian Peterson or St Louis Rams Marshall Faulk - unplayable.

@The_PropFather Peterson has sucked in relief. Don’t trust anyone in the pen besides Edwin.

When the most respected public intellectual in the world speaks about the destruction of his home country, maybe we should listen?.

@peterson_m_r I love the couch I have, I bought it second hand, I’ll try to find out details.

Honestly I’m just as pissed at lugo for dealing as I am for Peterson for being a shitstain. If you could just not be a spaz you woulda been in the game to begin with chode lord.

Buck showalter head scratching move with Peterson there. Guy was as ready as a horses ass on a hot summer day.

WTA 1000 #NBO22 TO, Qualifying Singles 🇨🇦🎾✍️ (tentative list) Got their autographs: Garcia, Stephens, Potapova, Tomljanovic, Yastremska, Saville, Tsurenko Want their autographs (top 6): Juvan, Kostyuk, Dodin, Liu, Dart, Peterson *tho really just want to say hi to @LTsurenko🇺🇦.

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@TPaycheck I knew we were screwed as soon as Peterson came Buck is playing the long game until he sees what the trade deadline brings.

Jordan Peterson: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau Liberals via @nationalpost.

@KFCBarstool Joely has been bad, Shreve got cut. Buck and Billy were seeing if Peterson could be that Lefty in the bullpen in the event we didn’t make a trade for a lefty this weekend in case cost is too high, Peterson failed the test..

Trudeau has inflicted more damage to Canada domestically and internationally than any PM in history. I miss Chrétien and Harper..

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