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Andre Petroski (@PetroskiAndre) says Nick Maximov going to find who he is after getting put to sleep in 76 seconds. #UFCVegas54 | Full video:.

#UFC Client Card: Michael Johnson -145 Lee/Araujo Alternative over rds + Jandribo ML -145 Chookagian to win via decision +110 Jandroba by dec +124 Maximov/Petroski to go distance -130.

Just caught up, Petroski tapping Maximov is a big deal. That dude is legit on the mat. #UFCVegas54.

My card + Petroski ML already graded 🍻📈 God bless you all, good luck, enjoy the fights!! Good guys RISE 🙌🏼 #GamblingTwitter #UFCVegas54.

Petroski Photo,Petroski Photo by Liam Picks Fights,Liam Picks Fights on twitter tweets Petroski Photo

Petroski was one of the easiest bets on the card. Maximov closing at -380 was comical..

Massive underdog Andre Petroski serves Nick Maximov his first loss (Video) #UFCVegas54 VIA @thomasjalbano.

Can’t lie I had a feeling Maximov was gonna lose when the commentators were saying that Petroski trained with Sean Brady and Pat Sabatini #UFCVegas54.

@BrianPetrieMMA Brah, I thought maximov would win, but you convinced me that petroski finish is a must bet. Thanks for the cheese!.

Petroski Photo,Petroski Photo by Christian Costello,Christian Costello on twitter tweets Petroski Photo

@DieHardMMAPod Sometimes it feels like one of those days. Had canes +185 But then did hit Petroski itd+700 (small)..

@BrianPetrieMMA didnt have the guts to play Petroski. Did sprinkle on Taira by sub so let’s see..

Petroski scoring is one strike away from being the lowest possible score for that kind of domination missed the first minute bonus by 0:16 #UFCVegas54.

@DanTomMMA Luckily got him at +330 but I had a feeling it was going to be a situation where Petroski won the first 2 but gassed in the third.

I know betting lines are set to attract interest on both sides, but that +300 on Petroski was bonkers — two finishes in two UFC starts, more experience, trains with a great camp as well. Hope folks cashed in. #UFCVegas54.

UFC on ESPN 36 video: Andre Petroski chokes Nick Maximov out cold in 76 seconds.

Petroski Photo,Petroski Photo by Best Bet MMA,Best Bet MMA on twitter tweets Petroski Photo

@isaacisabucket @tatsurotaira Are you serious?! I have to watch it. I thought Petroski will win the fight, but not so quick.

Great fights so far Taira is a ground grapple beast, Andre Petroski had such a clean anaconda choke ridiculous great night so far ngl.

i think its funny how Maximov thinks he has a chance against Khamzat when he got subbed by Petroski in the 1st round 💀 #UFCVegas54.

Andre Petroski Facetimes Daughter After Choking Nate Diaz Protege in 76 ... via @YouTube.

Petroski just won w a first round sub?? LFG @BryanBattle10 UFC fight resume looking clean.

4 mo 21 days from Maximo’s bd 421 82nd Prime Petroski wins to go 8-2 4 weeks 1 day til Petroski’s bd 41 13th Prime Maximo falls to 3-1 in UFC 3-1 Subs Petroski goes to 3-1 in UFC 28 weeks 1 day since Petroski last Sub win 281 60th Prime Renzo Gracie Philly=281.

Tengo familia y amigos en Pereira y allí el voto será secretoski por Petroski, sus narcorruptos creen q tienen amarrado el voto allí, pero tacaran burro petro sacará una votación importante allí y los corruptos uribistas q coman muchas toneladas de mierda, con miedo no pasaran.

How bout that super quick sub from petroski? Phew 😅 don’t think anyone bet him subbing maximov in round one. And if you we’re not worthy!!!! 🙏 lol I’ll never think someone will out wrestle him again to grind a win off him..

UFC Free MF picks Petroski +300 1u Taira/Jandirroba -105 3u Patrick +125 2u Lee -120 3u Nascimento +170 1u Torres -130 2u Ribas +150 2u Smolka +230 1u Cutelaba by decision +600 1u Blachowicz +165 2u.

Anyone have a highlight video of the Petroski fight? I got home late and missed it. Still cashed the underdog ticket though! #UFCVegas54.

Andre Petroski Hands Nick Maximov First Career Loss With Anaconda Choke Win.

Andre Petroski def. Nick Maximov via Sub (Anaconda Choke) at 1:16 of Round 1 #UFCVegas54.


@seanbradymma Nobody was talking shit about petroski, deep down everybody wanted that nut hugger max to lose.

@ShitDanaWsays yup, but those 17% on Petroski made it an uphill climb for those of us that faded the fight.

Highlights! Petroski Sleeps Maximov With Early Anaconda Choke.

All my parlays busted w/the 1st fight 5 parlays up in smoke!! Thank God I hedged Petroski 1st rd +1800 & Petroski mL +330 + !! Bink!! #UFCVegas54.

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