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Pierre Strong on his running into the kicker penalty: “Bad play by me. I’ve gotta learn from it and grow from it. So it’s on me.”.

That’s a frustrating end. Pierre Strong hitting the punter was the dagger. So annoying.

The Pierre Strong penalty came on a similar punt rush call as Jonathan Jones blocked punt against Indy. A late addition into the rush off the edge. Interesting that it wasn’t Jones again. #Patriots.

Pierre Strong on his running into the punter penalty: “It was a bad play by me. Just have to learn from it and grow.”.

Pierre Strong trying to get back into the Patriots practice facility this week:.

Watching Pierre Strong and Myles Bryant die in front of a firing squad would be the only thing that can bring me joy.

So far this game: Hold on dugger leading to a kickoff td Henry catching a ball and somehow being ruled incomplete Bryant going to hit the receiver and it’s a “personal foul” Pierre Strong being a dumbass and running into the punter.

11 point swing from officials: -4 pts from ridiculous Henry TD overturn; 7 pts to MIN for non-holding call on kick return; (I should say another 3 or 7 from non-call on Mac face-masked/Henry interfered with) 7pt for Pierre Strong rookie mistake stupid running into kicker play.

Myles Bryant y Pierre Strong cometieron castigos absurdos que le dieron vida a la ofensiva de los Vikings. En la NFL, no puedes pensar en ganar cuando regalas tantas oportunidades al rival. #ForeverNE.

📈 Mac Jones, Hunter Henry 📉 Pierre Strong, Myles Bryant More Ups & Downs from tonight: ⬇.

3 up 📈 Mac Jones Hunter Henry Jakobi Meyers 3 down 📉 Pierre Strong Jr. Myles Bryant The entire ST unit for alpwing a fucking kick return TD.

Cut Pierre Strong. Cut Myles Bryant. Fire whoever the moron special teams coach is. Lock Matt Patricia in a closet and flush the key down the toilet..

Hunter Henry getting his TD reversed was pathetically bad. Then Pierre Strong roughed up the kicker and the refs ignore tons of blocks against Patriots defenders. Shoot all the refs into the sun..

So tired of guys like Pierre Strong Jr. trying to be relevant only to end up making stupid plays that cost his team a playoff spot! #patriots.

@MattMcCarthy985 Refs made and missed critical calls but the real difference was The dumb penalties. Pierre Strong Jr. made the most selfish play of the season. Also defense is fraudulent..

That TD is on Pierre Strong! Leave him in Minnesota with Myles Bryant. Cut them both tonight..

I want to wish a happy thanksgiving to everybody except for Pierre Strong Jr. What a fucking idiot that guy is..

Despite the refs atrocity tonight, #Patriots were in a tied game in the 4th with the #Vikings punting on 4th down. Pierre Strong running into the kicker pretty much determined the outcome of the game.

@GregABedard @BostonSportsBSJ Up: Mac, Rhamondre, Josh Uche (honorable mention Raekwon McMillan) Down: Myles Bryant, Pierre Strong, and horrible situational playcalling by Matt Patricia—particularly 3rd and 1 shotgun in 4th Q. Comically bad..

@Patriots Ya’ll are blaming the refs when you should be blaming patriots special teams… especially Pierre Strong Jr. he’s the real MVP 🤣.

@PatriotsMafioso The missed holding call in the KR, the hunter henry overturned TD and Pierre strong losing the game at the end by himself. Jesus Christ.

@PhilAPerry Cousins has had time on every throw. Outside of 1 sack, Pats haven’t laid a hand on him all night. And I’d cut Pierre Strong tomorrow!.

Feel bad for Pierre Strong - having Bill mad at you has to be one of the worst feelings.

@Patriots @MikeDussault19 Get Mac a WR1 cut Pierre strong punt Matt Patricia to the moon.

Frustrating as hell. The officials certainly played a big part, but Pierre Strong is the reason the Pats lost this game..

@Vikings Ya’ll are blaming the refs when you should be blaming patriots special teams… especially Pierre Strong Jr. he’s the real MVP 🤣.

Current list of Patriots to fire into the Sun: Matt Patricia Pierre Strong Myles Bryant 4th Quarter Nelson Agholor.

As badly officiated of a football game as you’re ever gonna see and it wouldn’t matter if Myles Bryant and Pierre Strong weren’t braindead!.

Pierre Strong getting on the plane to fly home after the game.

Pierre Strong Photo,Pierre Strong Photo by Nick Melanson,Nick Melanson on twitter tweets Pierre Strong Photo

@catanovski Esta es la temporada, se nos viene un calendario duro Pdta: Pierre strong lctm.

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