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Red Sox starting rotation ERAs: David Price *Andrew Cashner* Chris Sale Eduardo Rodriguez Rick Porcello.

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In a god damn 10-4 ballgame where you should be able to REST YOUR BULLPEN porcello is likely to go only even when they’re winning this team gives you something to be irritated about.

Confirmed: Rick Porcello hates pigeons. Also Confirmed: Michael Chavis friend of the pigeons..

I think it safe to have vazquez be the starting catcher dor Sale and Porcello bc pitching to Leon clearly doesn’t help..

@LouMerloni But Porcello is pitching to Leon instead of game should be a compete game.

Porcello cede uma simples com 2 eliminados Como disse, ele nunca mais vai arremessar uma entrada limpa.

I genuinely think Rick Porcello is a good pitcher. I also think he comes across as a genuine, nice guy. When I met him he was so, so nice to me. I will forever root for him..

There are so many Italians in this Jays/Red Sox game. Gaviglio, Porcello, Biagini, Biggio, Benintendi - Joe D would be proud👨🏻‍🍳👌.

#BlueJays 4 @ #RedSox 10 [Top 4th, 2 out]: Brandon Drury grounds out softly, 1B Michael Chavis to P Rick Porcello. Drury: 0 for 2.

@Dan_Shaughnessy Send your condolences to Rick Porcello. He’s one of the culprits #redsox.

The offense is keeping Rick Porcello in the game. Not how it’s supposed to work.

@IanMBrowne Well, wonderful start, but Porcello is pitching and the bullpen is the don’t get too giddy.

end of the third: 10-4 lead status: vulnerable; possibly porcello-proof, definitely not bullpen-proof.

@RedSox @Rafael_Devers Still not enough with Porcello on the mound. Had this lead before already in this game alone. #redsox #Porcello.

Might as well have the Red Sox hit off a tee tonight. This is atrocious. Wonder if it’s enough runs for Porcello. 😂😂😂.

BENIIINN DUPLA E 2 MARCAM 3 RBIS pra ele em 3 inn 10x4 *Ainda acho q o Porcello vai deixar o jogo difícil.

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@JPTremblay3 Si tu parles des Red Sox, espérons que Porcello reste longtemps au monticule alors..

Sox now up 8-4! If Porcello gives up as much as walk, we want him to be taken out! The problem is the bullpen pitched 7 innings last night. Final will be 🤦‍♂️.

No the Sox are up 7-4 increases the chances for Rick Porcello to get his CHEAP WIN.

@RedSox Yes! Now, can we pull Porcello now before he gives it all back in the top of the 4th and again kills a good thing?.

If Rick Porcello survives and gets the win tonight he needs to buy both Michael Chavis and Rafael Devers dinner..

Fun fact about Rick Porcello: With the Red Sox, regular season: Even-year Porcello: 39-11 with a Odd-year Porcello: 26-39 with a (via @chrisadams_i).

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It’s hard to believe that the Blue Jays might be worse than the , Rick Porcello sucks..

Returning from the gym and finding out porcello almost blew a 5-0 lead makes me extra sad.

Red Sox lineup: Betts RF, Devers 3B, Bogaerts SS, Martinez DH, Benintendi LF, Chavis 1B, Bradley CF, León C, Holt 2B Porcello P.

Red Sox starting rotation ERAs: David Price *Andrew Cashner* Chris Sale Eduardo Rodriguez Rick Porcello.

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