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e foram nesses momentos da selena e do post malone que eu faleci, obrigada SNL por me proporcionar isso.

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Selena Gomez and Post Malone hugging each other after finishing #SNL..

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Ok, pero el abrazo de Selena Gómez y Post Malone. Son de esos abrazo reconfortantes y sinceros que todos merecemos. 🤍🥺.

Post Malone Photo,Post Malone Photo by Amar la vida 🦀🌱,Amar la vida 🦀🌱 on twitter tweets Post Malone Photo

Selena & Post Malone breaking characters was definitely the highlight…. and quite absolutely the best thing ever..

Post de apreciación a este tierno y bonito abrazo entre Selena Gomez y Post Malone en SNL.

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Great show tonight! Selena Gomez did an incredible job and Post Malone gave two great performances! #SNL #SaturdayNightLive.

Can someone explain the appeal of Post Malone to me? it just sounds like cloud rap, but for people who frequent coffee shops in hilariously gentrified neighborhoods.

البته Post malone یه جوریه. ولی یه جوری بودنش میچسبه..

Get you a guy who smiles like Post Malone covering a country song..

Genuinely was not expecting a Post Malone/Fleet Foxes collab to be a thing that exists.

@GomezSource Absolutely wonderful show me laugh like back in the late 80’s😂 shout out to Post Malone too!.

Saturday Night Live - Post Malone: Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol (Live) - SNL -.

@TheDuragGawd @HipHopNumbers Ask Travis. Who moved 300 out of 500k with bundles. Or may be ask Lil Uzi who sold 300k due to bundles, Post Malone went near 600k.

‘SNL’: Post Malone Brings Out Roddy Ricch For Bruising ‘Cooped Up’ #Music #MusicNews.

I just realised that the weeknd and post malone released a song and i think im getting addicted to their voices together.


You’re telling me Post Malone has the oblivion logo tatted on his foot?.

post malone’un robin pecknold’la düet parçası “love/hate letter to alcohol”, selena gomez’in sunumuyla saturday night live’da dinleyicisiyle buluştu. tek kelimeyle şahane bir performans, nefis bir parça:.

Suis-je le seul à attendre le nouvel album de Post Malone ?.

Post Malone - Cooped Up (Live on Saturday Night Live) ft. Roddy Ricch via @YouTube.

Post Malone - Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol (Live on Saturday Night Live) ... via @YouTube.

Post Malone can actually sing, he needs to fuck auto tune off! (Coming from an old cunt) @PostMalone (if that’s your fkn handle).

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