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Primetime Kirk Twitter

Kirk Cousins just won a primetime game vs the best coach in NFL HISTORY and the current #1 Defense. NFL Casuals and the National Sports Media won’t say anything. @gmfb.

“Kirk Cousins can’t play in Primetime” except for Thursday nights. 3-1 on Thursdays in a Vikings uniform and 3 consecutive dubs. #SKOL.

PrimeTime Kirk! Kirko wants a grill next?! “Rob the jewelry store tell ‘em make me a grill!” #skol.

The level of disrespect on Kirk Cousins is DISGUSTING. @stephenasmith and David Carr y’all should be ASHAMED. Time and time again you say he can’t make the big throw, win the PRIMETIME game, and he DOES IT, and now the narrative is that he’s throwing up hail Mary’s?! FOH clowns..

Vikings fans use “primetime kirk” as a way to invalidate their game vs the eagles as if they aren’t gonna have ti play primetime games in the playoffs. YOUR TEAM IS JUST ASS.

@PFF Well, if a broken clock can be right twice a day, than even Kirk Cousins can play well and win in a primetime game sometimes..

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